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Celluloid inlays

Tim Plains

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Nice job R9..........I hate it when my inlays come over; they never leave, and I start to fret.........[crying] :unsure: [flapper] .....





Come to think of it, I changed my inlays several times, still didn't like them...now I'm single........

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Cheers guys.


Jeff, I was looking around a luthier's website; they had nylon 6/6 nuts for $10 a pop and I thought what the heck. I bought two and the other is going on my Stinger....my poor Stinger. [crying]


damian, nice one. [biggrin]


rocket, they came from the loft.


swleary...Slash, Gibbons, Page, Green, Moore AND Bloomfield tone!! It's like a whole new guitar! [biggrin]


Dave, that's cool but why on earth would you put Brazilian on a Classic? Buy a historic for that. Also, you do know that, if not done properly, you could irreversibly damage the neck by pulling the fretboard off? A local luthier advised me that he's seen way too many horror stories and not to do it. Before and after shots in first post.


BK, they were on sale for $100. Regular price is around $150 (I think that's standard everywhere). Installation for both ran about $200. Some people think/say a nylon nut sounds different but I honestly have no idea because I've only used the guitar with two new amps I didn't have when I took the guitar in. I didn't have tuning issues with the stock nut but I just felt like replacing it. The nice thing about nylon is you don't have to lube it, which I did during every string change.

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