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Anyone got a guitar with 'em? If so, what are your tonal thoughts? I have been watching a few clips of the Firebird on YouTube and they have a nice tone, but in general, I don't see them often. My understanding is that's what Neil Young uses for his signature tone. [thumbup]

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I've got a guitar with bridge and neck Gibson minis made in the 70s. Bright but warm - love the tone. I've got these in a modded guitar with three pup configuration and the middle pup is a DiMarzio SD. (the 3 pup in my avatar)


I really like the minis. I used to have an LP Deluxe I sold years ago. I'm still lamenting letting that one go.


Anyway, the tone is classic and coupled with a good drive pedal you'll have plenty of flexibility.

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I have 2 guitars, with "Mini's." '76 Gibson LP Deluxe, and an AIUSA Epiphone Sheraton II!






Both, are great sounding guitars! The "easiest" explanation, on mini-humbucker tone,

is that they're kind of a cross, between a P-90 (Bright and round), and a regular

Humbucker...(warm, and quiet). The mini's on the Sheraton, are an outstanding combination,

with that "semi-hollow" body. Really warm, round, and biting, too...but very articulate,

as well. The use of those, for the neck pickup, especially, is wonderful. Never "muddy"

unless YOU want/set them that way, via the tone control. Hope that helps, a little?



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I had a newer firebird V that i sold for a Fender CS Tele...but aside from the guitar itself, the pickups were amazing...I've heard that the newer mini-hums that are in the new FB's are different then the others...but either way the pups sounded fantastic clean or distorted.

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