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Right now this is me:



I don't want to tear things up. I don't want to express my damaged masculinity. I don't have "the blues."


I'm just out of place. I feel wrong in this world.


It's a beautiful song and it helps me keep focus on my feelings.


Some people like to try and stifle their emotions, to repress them and treat them like minor inconveniences. I acknowledge them, make friends of them no matter how grim or uncomfortable they seem, and try to understand them. It's only through knowing sorrow that joy has any meaning, it's only through acknowledging confusion that we learn to appreciate order, and it's only through moving past ignorance that we grow to love knowledge.

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tired, lazy, and a little high. I guess you could say this song is pretty fitting for me more times than not.


I've been tossing around the idea of covering this song slowed down a bit and all fuzzed out for a long time now. Not in a hard rockin way, in a mellow, psychedelic way. Of course I think it's perfect as is but I want a piece of it too.


My phone's being lame right now and not letting me play your video. What song is it?

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Yeah... long story


XDemon, I agree with you. I embrace the shitty emotions, the ones that I hate and use it for good. Like songwriting. Dallas Green has been an influence on me lately. A lot of his songs are pretty dark and sad.


not to derail, but Dub, how do you get the link of the video to post from your iPhone?

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For what it's worth, I think a bit of disassociation is typical for that horrid time of life between 12 and 20 - actually nowadays more often into the mid 20s.


"We" always have pretty much felt that way, at least if one reads some of the stuff written along those lines for a cupla thousand years.


The thing is, I think, that as we age we slip into this role or that and become sufficiently busy with those roles that we have less time to consider such feelings - although honestly, I think they never go away.


An old story about the Sybil of Cumae more or less as found in Virgil and/or Petronius is one I find rather attractive at my age: Long life, writing bits of theoretical wisdom on leaves that drop to the floor of a cave that are swept away unread and of little use to anyone but the writer in the writing itself... It's not just me as a literal writer, but of all of "us" who find our experiences of little use to others unless we are among them and remaining active in society.


There's little difference between the Sybil and most of us as we age - it's just that in the generation of parenting either offspring or a career, "we" are usually too busy to think about it and simply go headlong about our lives. After that era comes another, longer, period of introspection and retrospection.


The trick, perhaps, is to be engaged in doing, be it playing guitar or other things. In being alive. It's why grandmothers dote on grandchildren and old men seek more active options whenever possible to playing cards and reliving their youth among peers.



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Milod- good points. Since I acknowledged my "depression" or whatever it is, I like to think of it as me embracing the feelings that I've had and not just bottling them up anymore, listening to depressing music helps me feel better. I don't feel so weird or alone or anything like that because I found something I can relate to. If I listen to a song that is all "happy happy joy joy" I feel more depressed because I don't feel all the happiness, and I feel that I should and it just gets worse.


There have been a lot of cases of depression, especially in my generation, I just had a friend try to kill herself last night. I'm not exactly sure what caused this spike, but its happening. I embrace these emotions and try to make something good out of it because its who I am. I refuse to take pills that make me feel numb, and as the cliche line reads, "I'd sometimes rather feel pain than nothing at all". I can turn sadness into joy by writing or a song and I feel better, but if i can't feel anything, there is no movement from there. I've been told life gets better, and I look forward to that


playing guitar has saved me in more ways than one. I don't know what I would do without it

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