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Who is the first person you think of when you hear "SG"?


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Yes, I thought that would receive some feedback. Switchfoot has always been my favourite band for their music, lyrics, diversity, etc. but haven't really inspired me musically; thus the absence of their name in my username. I've seen them in concert a number of times and I've not once seen Jon Foreman without a Gibson SG 61 reissue. In fact, he even has an "Oh Gravity!" SG that he played on their last tour to promote their latest album:






I've only ever seen Jon play a Les Paul once, and that was for the "You Already Take me There" music video. I've never been a huge AC/DC fan but I appreciate Young's talent, therefore his placing as second.

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Looks like he is playing one of the SG "New Century" models with the mirrored top replaced with their album cover. I was thinking of doing the same thing for my band, damn Jon for being one more step ahead of me. ;-)


Unfortunately I don't think many people know who he is (even fewer around here I'm sure). His playing has never really inspired me, but I have always taken a liking to the songwriters. Alot of people can shred their asses off but can't string two chords and some original lyrics together to craft a song, let alone a good one. Switchfoot's material is consistantly decent which is surprising for an "indie" and a "Christian" band. They're probably one of the only real displays of talent in both genres. I appreciated some of their older material a little more as it seemed like they had more energy...their live performances seem a little lackluster from what I have seen.


I recall seeing a video of theirs many years ago and he was playing a Naturalburst SG Standard that looked almost identical to mine. I also recall exclaiming "that mother****er stole my ****ing guitar!"

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Well, it is true that Switchfoot's concerts have become more mature lately. I think they're as high-energy as they've ever been, they've just grown up. (I think a large part of that has to do with the additions of Jerome and Drew to the band.) As for talent, I completely agree... and Drew can actually shred quite decently. As for Jon, no, he doesn't inspire me, but he writes some of the coolest guitar parts on the "Learning to Breathe" album. To be honest, I think musical greatness is composed more of writing and originality than it is of how fast one can move their fingers. Thus, my inclusion of Jimmy Page in my top 3. (who else writes guitar parts like that?! honestly!) It's always nice to meet a fellow Switchfoot fan... or at least someone who respects their music.

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Honestly' date=' believe it or not, it's the guy from Fall Out Boy:



What can I say, I'm a young pop-punk geek.


But I'm going to put Angus because he's the immediate second (and to avoid getting flamed off the face of the planet :D)



damn straight lol

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When I hear "SG", the first thing I think of is:


1) Angus


2) the younger one of the Young brothers


3) the guy that plays in his shorts and in a school uniform


4) the kid that played lead guitar for Bon Scott's band


5) the lead guitarist of AC/DC (lol)

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sg love comes in these forms for mee!


1. Angus Young

2. Glen Buxton and Mike Bruce from the old Alice Cooper group

3. Tony Iommi

4.Frank Marino

5. Gordie Johnson (Gibson did a SWEET sig model for him in canada a few years back) anyone here own one?

6.Buck Dharma

7. Frank Hannon

8.that dude from priestess


not a complete list, but a few not mentioned as of yet.

be nice, i'm a newb to this message board stuff!

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