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Gary Moore Tribute

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Made July 13th 2011, #159 of the line from Nashville, TN USA (So hardly 2 months old!)






I can confirm a few things with the 2011 model


MAPEL cap on Mahogany

Short tennon toggle [thumbdn]

Similiar non solder chip board as in my 08 Standard




So far I've removed the scratchplate (Gonna tidy the holes)


Dunlop Strap Loks

Gold Pointers

Gold hats with silver inserts


I have the peter green reverse magnet job due on Thursday


The "Gary Moore" Gold signature truss rod still in the post...



Any input and surgestions are welcome [thumbup]

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Thanks for all the replies [thumbup]


I'll have it back on Monday (My Luther wanted to do a good job [biggrin] )

Those photos where taken late at night so when I get it back I'll be taking some decent ones in the sunlight


OH! & the truss rod cover arrived


PM me if wanna get in touch with the maker (I'm aware Gibson dont make this one)

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Ok its back and all done I've also restrung it with my favoured D'addario Strings [biggrin]







(Sorry another LONG day so this is a night shot again...)


Testing the "Peter Green" mod it works perfectly and adds a nice extra level of control to the output.


Oh The pickups where wound on the 30th June 2011 (2 weeks before the neck stamp date)

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Enjoy. I just bought one myself. I changed my pickgaurd to a 5 ply Gibson, and thought it looked much nicer. Matched the bell better.


Nashville Plant, TN, USA

June 1st, 2011

Production Number: 379




The Maple top is so much nicer than the mahogany top IMO.

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I am a fan of the satin/faded finish. The wood tends to resonate better when not bound by multi-layers of lacquer.

I have to agree, The "Peter Green" mod is also another reason I purchased a Worn as they seem to work better with the reverse polarity feedback for extra sustain.

I may refinish it in a lighter wood finish someday but for now its just singing...


Update heres (FINALLY) a day photograph



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