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Look What I Rescued from Guitar Center Today


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Well, I was feeling kinda sad about all those stray guitars and gear at Guitar Center and thought about finding a home for some really needy guitars.


So I ended up finding a loving home for all these.


Seymour Duncan Deja Vu delay pedal, has digital and analog delay, and a Lovepedal Karl Fuzz



By bluesguitar65 at 2012-01-22


Now, this was very homely and in need of a home urgently, so I've obligated to give her a warm, loving home [tongue]

She is a very rare Fender American Special strat. Fender made these strats in very limited run white color. Try finding this American Special "NEW" in white right now, as these were made two years ago. I got lucky finding this baby new indeed.



By bluesguitar65 at 2012-01-22



By bluesguitar65 at 2012-01-22



By bluesguitar65 at 2012-01-22

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Exactly the reason I have to stay away from "the pound" myself. I end up wanting to take home all the poor homeless strays too.


And I can't choose just one . . .


Nice catch though!


It really hurts to see all of those axes put to sleep :'(


PETA could help


(People for the Ethical Treatment of Axes [flapper] )

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I'm liking the Strat very much! White/white/maple just looks so good on a Strat.




..As for that strat, SWEET. I am one of the few that really likes that 70's styled headstock.

It's odd; when they were current I didn't like them at all (although I had a few) but now that they are seen less often I'm liking them more. Probably a bit of the 'Novelty' factor?





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