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Oh Baby Please Don't Go !


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I wish I could learn to strum with a thumb pick like that...every time I try it it sounds like crap....lol great vid!


hey wily

he looks like he has a few years practice on us

i'm struggling with thumb rhythm too and could never use a thumb pick , just kept trippin over it

tried these (the speed pick version) and while i'm not an overnight sensation at least it wasnt the equivalent of taping a hubcap to my thumb

the yellow ones i like best because theyre softer and can be grabbed for a quick strum like this old dog does in his video

you can also trim one short to begin with so its just a tiny extension of your thumb. i'm still closer to bette davis than rev gary davis but theyre worth a couple of pence for the hell of it . i certainly wasnt getting anywhere with regular thumbpicks

any of the rest of you guys tried these?


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James Clem isn't exactly a newcomer to the blues scene. Check out his website, jamesclem.com.


Thanks for that, I have come across videos of him, had no idea who he is. He's good and love that guitar! His website mentions a 1930s L-00 but the one in this video looks too new for that! If it's 80 years old, it's in unbelievable shape.

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