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Nice. Just got mine tuned up and ready for the warm weather and rude motorists.


I hear ya. I love riding out in the country when some yazoo decides to play chicken and run head on into my lane. I have bottles thrown at me in the past and have actually considered carrying a small pistol in my bag.




I see saddle sores and prostate damage in your future....[glare]


Bike pants, They don't look cool but they work

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I like the red rims & chain. I wanted a Denim Black Harley Dyna Street Bob with those China Red rims & laced (spokes) wheels. That looked good too. Also, easy on the saddle sores & bad prostate department. Hard on the wallet department however.


Guess a thin wallet is good for keeping the sciatica pain away so maybe it's meant to be. :rolleyes:





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2010 Specialized Langster. Single speed (not fixed) moustache bars and a Brookes saddle. It's great for just toolin around.

That's VERY sweet!




Is the saddle a B-17? I'd love to hear they still made them!


I always loved the look of 3/4 chrome forks and stays. By the time I bought my #1 race frame (1976) the price of chromium / chrome-plating had gone through the roof and it was almost impossible to buy such a frame.

When I eventually got mine only the front and rear dropouts were chromed!



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