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Ok, time to fess up.

This is the real me




My name is Eugene Worsenhymer, and I enjoy dewberry pie with whipped cream. I'm very shy but I partake in a little wine, and I'm a hoot!




















Heck, I came in saying who I is. I'm just a regular guy who likes to play, in more ways than one. I'm a bit rough but don't hate anyone. I'd rather be known in person bc there is much more to me than a forum. I think we are designed to interact with eachother with all our senses, to get the full experience. This is cool, but no way I could know anyone here unless I at least smell them [scared] Whoa! Well, you know what I mean [smile]

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I venture a guess that no one is actually a 10 no matter how much they doth protest. :) After all, it's easier to "talk big" or get into a conversation you might not got involved with in real life when you are online in a forum. It's not just about fibbing or pretending you are someone you are not, although that happens i'm sure.


The ones that say they are a 10 are the ones that worry me lol!!! Thundergod rated himself the lowest (5-7) and I found that interesting.


When I posted this I thought everyone would rate themselves high...not doing so would "out them" so to speak and ruin their cover! :)




No man, I am who I am. Online/offline/Current Middle Ages.... it doesn't matter. I'd say the same things in person that I do on here.



Sorry to worry you [blush]

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Here's me being worried.





You realize, of course, that expecting someone who is basically dishonest in their online representation of themselves to suddenly come into a thread and fess up is, in and of itself, the epitome of folly... yes?



I mean.... if I'd been telling everyone I was a rock star who had lots of songs on the radio and had played stadium sized venues... then posted up some highly mediocre crap as "proof of my work".... I'd not likely come in here and own up. It would kill the credibility I had with those I'd managed to fool, AND would be horribly out of character for me.


Hypothetically speaking, that is.

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