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ok, watch and listen...it will change your life.

S t e v e

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Great stuff [thumbup] . The 80's stuff with Gary i didn't care so much for but the 90's and 2000 live and studio albums are awesome. The 5 cd box set from montreux is a great collection, played the studio album "Bad For You Baby" the other day. Good solid album. Gary is one of those artist i will enjoy to the day i die through his great blues albums and his stuff with Thin Lizzy. No one can hold a tone like Gary Moore


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I watched it twice.


And yet, my live hasn't changed.


I find this to be odd.msp_glare.gif


My life didn't change either. I thought maybe it was because I only watched it halfway through, but you apparently disproved that theory. [biggrin]

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