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Congrats sounds like a nice score. I just love when you follow your gut instinct on a lesser known/ valued axe and receive a huge grin[rolleyes] More power to ya..So does the walnut fit inbetween the rosewood and hog genre?


I was intriqued a while ago on a maple bonecrusher that you've now reignited - thnx for posting


Interestingly enough I came across another American walnut just last night...



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I think walnut is great. Not sure about convert lol I still like my maple jumbos. But I'm impressed


Maybe just a little tired ears from the muddy lows and scooped high cut 41? Would love to hear your walnut and as well a maple bonecrusher one day. If it's unlike a dove and has the thick back texture and fat clarity of a nice 200, I might well be tempted one day. Have fun pickin' your new dreadB)

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From Just Great Guitars


Since Martin’s HD-28 featured decorative herring-bone inlays, Gibson nicknamed their louder and more toneful guitar the Bone Crusher. Only 300 Bone Crushers were made between 1935 and 1940 (if you have one, please do let us know – I’ve tracked down just two so far).


In the nineties, those talented and dedicated Gibson craftsmen at Bozeman, Montana decided to come out with a square-shouldered re-issue of the bone crusher, and gave it, appropriately, the model designation J-60. Most were rosewood bodied and finished in antique sunburst as the originals, but some had a maple body with a natural finish spruce top. They had the Gibson logo in pre-war style “spaghetti” script inlayed in mother of pearl on the headstock and open gear tuners.


Then, for no apparent reason they created what is believed to be a run of just 12 high spec J-60 guitars. These had walnut back and sides, fabulous sitka spruce tops and enclosed gold plated tuners.


I am partial to Martins. This J-60 is really a copy of Martins innovations (ie Dreadnaught and X bracing) albeit a great one.

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