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Got my traditional plus iced tea Friday


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I found a couple of minor blemishes on the fret board, appear to be scratches as if the plek missed the wire, binding work is perfect. the nut appears to have dried glue or dark stain behind where it meets the fretboard.

Pickups were way too close to the strings for my taste, I measured 3/64 no big deal.

Finish is perfect intonation, action too low for me, I mean it was like butter, I like it a bit higher.

Pickups work great, the toggle switch: works perfectly as Long as the plastic tip isn't screwed down all the way, when flipped to the neck it throws it to the middle.

Again I think is easily fixed.

Otherwise plays great, a lot of sustain. It's one heavy SOB

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My brother inlaws wife called me Friday, asked me to pick out an axe for my brother inlaw, who's never had anything close to this good of a guitar.


This is the one I told her to go for, Traditional plus, in the same finish.


so she dialed up sweetwater's web site and ordered one it should arrive tomorrow, he's going to flip... he is so over due for this.

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Guest Farnsbarns

Beautiful! The switch problem is not that uncommon, the depth of the route and/or the thickness of the cap can vary. You can get it routed deeper but a quicker fix might be to remove the poker chip or drop something inside the tip before you screw it on.

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ok, GIBSON QA- whats up with the traditionals?

i know and agree, beware of buying sight unseen, but with a 30 day satisfaction, im will to take a small chance.

the fretboard work was, meh to poor imho.

thers this jagged cut into the fret board and causes my high e string to get caught. runs all along under the string from fret 8-fret15


this is the crud behind the nut


this is an example of the scratches across the grain, this is on most frets



so i decided i cant have that, so sent it back. ill probably order another one.

oh another thing i noticed the neck pickup was boomy on the low E, it was un balanced and little nasally. i opened th back plate, poor soldering, the neck pu was a 4 conductor wire not a single braid wire .hmmmm, makes me think

if this was the runt of the litter.....

man if only that gold top didnt have the "defect"..

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The 2012s are being blown out at incredible prices. Sweetwater has them for $1699 (though they are now sold out of Iced Tea--they had 12 of them when I called on Friday). Once the 2012s are gone they will become more valuable. Iced Tea has been discontinued. And the new ones sell for $2250!

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