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Does Gibson actually do anything about fakes?

Tim Plains

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You know... what I am about to tell you doesn't have anything to do with guitars... but it has to do with people breaking the law and getting away with it.


The foundation I work with/for makes this conferencies (spelling) about stuff like international politics, taxes, and such things "of importance and relevance" (...uh... right?) and last wednesday we had the head of the IRS talking about (and trying to explain) the new laws and taxes and all that stuff.


Then came the part when people (most of the accountants and bussinesmen) could ask questions and he would answer.


I got to ad that he is a high ranking suit, placed there by the commie government we have right now. So he went on and on about how this government is doing everything for the greater good... and that taxes had to be raised because there are 10´000.000 tax payers... 80% of them are responsible for 20% of the total amount the state gets. The other 20% are responsible for 80% (they would say "the rich/satan/evil" as they are commies and for them owning a bussiness equals taking the bread from a famiily's table).


So, as that 20% consists on 80% tax evasors (evaders? spelling!) and only 20% of that 20% really pay their taxes... then taxes should be raised so that the 80% that should pay 20% in total, end up paying the remaining 80% that "the evil ones" do not.




So a friend stands up and says "I make more than 10 mill a year... I pay my taxes, I have proof. If you talk that much and point fingers then why are you raising taxes for those who indeed pay, thus affecting the working people and driving away the investors, instead of making evasors/evaders pay and get them to jail (obviously and we all know it, its because they are taking money under the table).




So this A-hole responds:


There are over 10 mill tax payers... 50% of them dont even declare they are in bussiness.

The other 50% consists on:

50% (25% of total) declare they didnt make a nickel in the whole year... they declare losses.

the remaining 25% consists on people that do declare their proffits, and people that has ghost companies they buy stuff from, so the IRS has to actually give money to them at the end of the year.


(MY FRIEND): so why don't you control them?


(THE COMMIE A-HOLE): because we are talking about millions of people here... you expect us to have a cop and an IRS agent for each of them? We cant do that... so we raise taxes.



Any of you think that makes sense? Well me neither. But it's just the way the world works. Gibson will never do anything about the fakes. They are still selling well. In fact, when someone complains seriously about the gibson guituar they got, Gibson can blame it on him "for buying a fake" (when it actually is a BAD gibson that left the factory while the QC folks where inhaling nitro).





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Gibson actively and aggressively works to pursue people who sell and manufacture fakes. The problem is they are like cockroaches. You kill one bug, you kill another bug, but the walls might be full of them you have not seen yet. Nobody at Gibson wants to see people victimized by these people selling guitars that are sometimes made out of pine, with who knows how much lead in their paint, teflon truss rod nuts, and worse. Its a full time effort to catch them, but Gibson is 100% serious about protecting its brand, its reputation, and ultimately the poor kid who saved up his hard earned money to buy a Les Paul only to end up with a piece of junk from the thief who sold it.


It takes time to investigate these things, build a case, get action taken. Please, do continue to let us know when you see them, and I assure you we'll be on top of it to the best of our ability.


Just wondering...


I've sent Gibson the link to a few fake Gibsons up for sale locally. One of them was still posted a week later.

Does/can Gibson do anything if the seller is in N. America and advertises the guitar as a real Gibby?



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Mike, that's great to hear. I'm sure it's not an easy thing to do.

it really depends on what they can do. the ones listed near you.... were they on ebay? craigslist? the newspaper? a store? other?

some are easier to stop than others.

Craigslist & Kijiji mainly.


Sappy and sticky tone.

I'll bet it tastes good. Come on Mike, be honest.

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