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  1. So totally agree there. Caretakers indeed, yes my cars too. Glad to hear someone else express that caretaker POV.
  2. Of course. Though I'm not really in agreement that it is "not too hard to find a really good one". I guess it depends on what is "not too hard" is for someone. But when you add "flawless" to the "good one" requirement, that makes it a lot more difficult. I just can't get that excited about (cosmetic) flaws, and it becomes flawed with ownership anyway. And that being the case, I just can't see spending my time and energy with that additional difficulty of adding "flawless" to "a good one". It is not that flaws are totally ignored, they're just not that important. I've got nothing aga
  3. I totally agree with your "take" on what makes a good guitar. Seems that far too may forum jockeys are much more obsessed with cosmetics than how good the guitar really is. When the usual "my new guitar has (cosmetics) wrong with it, should I keep it or return it" thread comes up, my first question is always, "Is it a good one?" Seems that most either don't know what that means or don't care. Always a huge contingency that says "Send it back, demand better quality for your money, yada yada". And others don't believe there is such a thing as "a good one". Too bad for all of those that don
  4. An interesting read. Shows the value of being objective when evaluating a purchase, being new or used. Some "issues" are workable and are often more than worth it to work thru, rather than just throwing up your hands and "demanding better". What really counts is what you end up with, period. Sure a smooth road is preferred, but in the end it is of little importance if you stay focused and are patient. The neck flaws look a bit disconcerting, but an okay from a (mine at least) luthier would satisfy me. However, under your circumstances, I would still pressure GC for a further discount, th
  5. Richlite and Ebony boards are supposedly brighter, but I don't think nearly as much so as the neck being maple (quarter sawn, I believe). I think the lack of F holes actually quiet it down, but only the slightest amount. I have a BB King and other 335s/345 for comparison. Even though there is the obvious blues connection to the BB King, I find it interesting that it is, I believe, the ES-3xx type best suited for the loudest high gain rock you can throw at it. No F holes, maple neck, 490 pups all made to fight that fire. What else could be done to make it better suited for that?
  6. One great gift there! It could be a dealer order 2017 that I'm not aware of, but are you sure it is a 2017, not a 2016 model made in 2017? Like this one? My link The model number on the COA will tell you for sure.
  7. Wmachine

    MHS pickups

    Most of the MHS comps I've seen and personally observed have been to Burstbuckers, which have been the pups alternatively used in recent years non-reissue ES-335 models. Muddy, lack of clarity being the form of criticism of the MHS relative to the BBs. But I think a couple factors come into play along with pup height already mentioned. 1. I think BBs are brighter pups. 2. Titanium saddles accentuate the brightness, especially as opposed to nylon saddles which can greatly contribute to the relative muteness of the MHS pups. BUT From those (not me) that have a lot of experience with vintag
  8. Thanks, couldn't be more clearly shown and explained. Sad thing (to me) is that I watched that video when it first came out and didn't remember that part. Wasn't looking at that aspect of things at the time. I'm not a fan of the ES-LP, to me the "ground" that it covers is already well covered by other preexisting models. But that's just me. However, I did buy one as I got a deal I couldn't refuse and could then give it a fair evaluation. Knowing firsthand how good the ES-335 Studio is (2106) compared to "standard" ES-335s, I did not hesitate at getting the ES-LP Special, the basic
  9. This is a forum phenomenon. If you don't like something, it is wrong, ugly, stupid, horrific, idiotic, etc. Get it? That's the product of egocentric thinking that social media encourages. Now get with the program! If you can't, that makes two of us.
  10. Nice to see someone who puts a much higher priority on function than looks. Far as I'm concerned, I see waaaaay too much forum bandwidth taken up by cosmetics. "Pickguard on or off?", "Does it make me look fat?" ad nauseam. I can see: "This may not look like much, but man can it howl!" I can't see: "This plays like crap, but man does it look cool!"
  11. You're making my point in spades. Not only are you narcissistic, you think you speak for everyone else with your inlay preferences. With the LPs, the dots are on budget versions because they are a budget feature. If you don't like them, no problem, pony up and get a more deluxe version, and stop whining. No, everything is not opinion based, like quality problems.
  12. Sorry, but from what you say, the only problem Gibson has is having to try to please everyone who thinks what they want is what Gibson should do. Not most, but *everything* you mention both good and bad is a personal preference and you rate Gibson solely based on whether what they offer pleases you or not. I'd hardly call that a fair evaluation. Yes, Gibson has a problem, but it isn't what you think it is.
  13. To me it means less wood, less weight. But it also means less mass, and I have a hard time believing there is anything positive about that.
  14. My 2016 ES-335 Premiere Figured has "Thermally treated" braces and center block, no mention of chambered so I presume not. Are you wanting to see the chambering? I'd have to assume the "thermal treating" is pretty much the same as "torrefied"/baked maple used for fingerboards. Oversimplified, it drives out moisture which gives increased strength and stability.
  15. I agree the Studio is worth checking out. It may be "nicer" than pre-2016 versions, but I don't think it is any nicer than the previous 2016 model. I don't believe there is any difference other than color (of body and bindings) from one to the other. Gibson website has them at the same price. I actually prefer the more distinctive look of the 2016s. The 2019s have a more traditional look. That all said, I have a 2016 Studio and it is surprisingly good. I expected it to have an look, feel, and sound inferior to other 335s being the budget model. But it holds its own and does not have an
  16. Unfortunately not. Worse yet, it can be hard to find accurate, comprehensive specs on models that don't make it to the Gibson site. I've found incorrect descriptions and specs on dealer sites (of models not on the Gibson site). Dealer say they just publish what Gibson gives them. So...... You can, however get specs on any model by contacting Gibson. Unfortunately, the amount of info you get can vary.
  17. Not just shipping, but variable amounts of time in warehouses too. A dealer setup makes far more sense, but being that setups are so subjective, even the best dealer setup may "need" to be tweaked. Sure there are the "could have, would have, and should haves". However, given the undeniably inconsistent ways the guitars arrive in customers hands, I think the best advice is to get hooked up with a luthier who knows his stuff and is a reasonable cost, and get it set up to your liking by a pro. Unless, of course, you want to go though the learning curve to do setups yourself. Just consider tha
  18. Wmachine

    ES-275 Semi

    Not sure what you mean by "finally". I don't know where this is supposed to fit in. Sure they "say" it is a jazz box, but that is just marketing hype. I know their goal is sell guitars, but when the ground is already covered, what need is there from the consumer's part? What does this do that another model can't? All my opinion, of course, but I still think of the ES-LP that way too. I think that is a model that will fade out too, from lack of real purpose. Right now, I think one of main thing supporting some models (ES-LP, ES-339, etc.) is the clamoring "smaller/lighter" models from
  19. Yes, there are a lot of smoke and mirrors. $2539 can be called "suggested retail price" or "full retail price" and those prices should always be ignored. The prices on the Gibson site are "street prices" or a true "regular price" and are a realistic gauge. And you should virtually always be able to pay less than that price from a dealer. So in this case, $1799 is the "regular" price. Any "sale price" would have to be less than that.
  20. They have not had a Lucille since the 2016 model year, though some of those were made well into 2017. Does not mean they won't make them any more. For example, look under 2015 Flying V. Nothing there. Was not the end of Flying Vs, though.
  21. As you've discovered, there are, and have been over the years, many models that never have been on the Gibson webpage. Most notably are the models "special" ordered by the big dealers like GC/MF, Sweetweater, etc.
  22. 1. Google Gibson HB046M. Quite a few hits. 2. Email/call Gibson with S/N, they will provide info.
  23. Can't tell from the pic to be sure, but it looks to me like that is a result of a misguided router after binding was already on the neck. You can see the binding, it looks like it was cut into. Should be completely bound there.
  24. Late coming to the party here, but I'm a firm believer of that myself. A huge consideration for me. Been long enough, let's see it! No hit and runs allowed.......
  25. Thanks, Bob. I assume you mean serial numbers that start with "CS". I had seen ones that didn't and made the mistake of assuming!
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