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  1. I don't know, but I'm interested in answers to your questions too, just curious. I'd like to see specifics int the answers, too. What measurements are smaller/narrower/thinner. Actual dimensions.
  2. A word of caution, possibly not needed, BUT:You are asking about an ES-LP, not an LP. A lot, if not all responses are for LPs, not ES-LP. Obviously different construction. I'd want to be absolutely positive that whatever is done is appropriate for for the ES. They do come with a Bigbys, so obviously it is possible. It just may be that certain types are not. Again, I don't know that there is any differences of consequence, but someones opinion is only worth so much when it is *your* guitar.
  3. Thanks for the detailed heads up. I have the same with my 2015. I've heard about them loosening up, and even loosing a washer? Not sure if that is the same piece loosing up, but regardless it indicates an occasional check-over is warranted.Now I know specifically what to check.Thanks again!
  4. If the claim it is some kind of "breaking in", that's the sorriest attempt to justify it I've heard yet. It does nothing to break in a guitar. Nice to be in some rational company here. I see the problem to be that someone wants to buy what is earned. They are pretenders that want the end without taking the trip. They want to look like they did something they didn't do. Real wear is cool. That's why they want it. Fake wear is damage, but nobody wants to own up to it. They'd rather live in a fantasy.The only trouble is, the market get flooded with broken dreams competing with real, tangible experience.
  5. ^This^ for sure!Any time one gets something back from a luthier and something is not right, back it goes. Shouldn't even need to question it. No sense in anyone here even guessing.But please do report back and let us know what it was.
  6. I'm flip-flopped with you re color, but both with 2015s. My Ocean Blue Traditional is typical 2015 2015 Traditional, the other is a Heritage Cherry Traditional Pro 3T 2015 Trad Pro 3T much more like your 2019. Has the regular headstock, slim '60s taper neck, Tektoid nut, locking Grovers, coil split, coil select, boost, Classic '57 A3s, Both 2015 Traditionals, but about as different as could possibly be.
  7. I've heard this repeated in various forms countless times. Yet I've never seen a shred of evidence as to the truth of it. Quite the opposite, actually. This is more of the hysteria that came with the 2015s. The hysteria was far worse than anything that actually happened.
  8. As I said earlier, you need documentation. Even more so with the "Used" stamp. You have to admit the used stamp is counter-intuitive to your story. It has a regular serial number, and a regular box label. You are going to have to get something more than your word if you expect to be believed. That's just the way it is. This doesn't have to do just with guitars, but applies to cars, antiques, and lots of other items. The saying is, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof".
  9. That's a 2016. No comparison, really. BTW, love your bi-line. I could have very little gear and still use that line!
  10. Sounds like a cool Explorer. Whether you keep it or sell it, I strongly suggest you get as much documentation together on it as possible. It could make a huge value difference whenever it is passed on. Now it would be the difference between the $700 and ?????. Document what a regular 2009 is, and how this one differs, Don't rely on a story to hold water. Unfortunately, a story could be 100% true, but without any documentation, it loses credibility. Remember, there are a lot of stories out there, and too many are being told to sell a guitar for more money.
  11. The adjustable nut may be undesirable to you, but once again, not fact, but preference. Titanium is good for saddles, but not for nuts? It works for me. No problem if you don't like it, but that doesn't make it bad. And I can't believe your signature comments. An insult to Les? It is one of the last know autographs of Les. So how does that make it an insult. to Les? What is an insult to Les (and Gibson) is your disrespectfully calling it an eyesore. What were they thinking? They were trying to honor Les, and the got met by a ton of small minded people. I love the signature for exactly what it is.
  12. And because what makes a good/bad neck is highly subjective, there is virtually no way that any neck profile should be called good/bad. Yet it happens all the time. I've heard "it sucks, its bad, its horrible" to describe every profile of neck ever made. Simply because someone didn't like it. And as you can see, there is still some residual hysteria about the 2015s, as a whole they are really good guitars.Most of the 2015 models did have the wider fingerboards (LPs and others), but there we some models (mostly dealer special orders) that had other neck profiles.
  13. Wmachine

    Serial #'s

    Quite honestly, the experience you relate does not make any sense. For quite a few years back, they do have a database and should know whar it is by serial number. I've done that often.
  14. I don't know about you, but I found the SG Special to be a pleasant surprise. With the '61 Zebra pups, it brings something different to the table. Very different from my 2013 standard SG, but very good.
  15. Interesting that you say that. As a whole they were indeed more shiny because even the lower end models that normally came without full gloss (faded, satin, etc., whatever they called those finishes) had full gloss finishes. Models like the LP Junior, LP Special, SG Special. Further to the shine, all models had real MOP inlays. And even the lesser models that normally came with a gig bag had the gold anniversary cases in 2015.
  16. Should have mentioned that too. Filbert , if you haven't changed the brass nut on your 2015, call/write to Gibson and they will send you a free titanium replacement nut. The brass ones are problematic. Some have preferred a TusQ replacement, but the titaniums are fine with me.TUSQ replacement
  17. The criticisms of the 2015 were not build or QC issues. Quite the opposite, actually. Relatively speaking, the 2015 builds were excellent as a whole. Of course that was overshadowed by the general hysteria over the "horrific" features": the LP signature, hologram, robo tuners, and wide neck. The only "real" issue (possibly) was the neck, which is always just a matter of preference. I cashed in on the consequence of that hysteria and got some incredible deals on some 2015 blowout sales. Every one is outstanding. The necks are fine with me. The tuners are interesting, and no problems yet. I'm prepared to change them, but they'll stay as long as they amuse me. I actually like the distinctive signature, and think it is extremely disrespectful to bash an actual LP signature. I think Gibson did a great thing using it. It really shows you how disrespectful people can be. And how hard it can be for Gibson to try to "please everyone". You are just one of many since 2015 that have come forward and said "Hey these 2015s are not that bad", even guys that admitted they bought into the hysteria at the time. Of course not. BTW, one of them I have is a Traditional. It has the largest profile neck Gibson made and with the additional width, it makes a real baseball bat neck. Add that mass to no body weight relief and you have mass that rewards you with incredible sustain. Add the '59 Tribute pups and hand wired pots, and you have a Les Paul at it's best.
  18. I have a thread started here with details and pics. Feedback welcomed. 1979 Gibson Explorer E2.....custom or customized......or both?
  19. See, you should have started posting that, but no harm no foul. Personally, I like 100w heads. Lots of versatility there, it is not a matter of getting it as loud as possible, it is getting the tubes to do their thing when you get them cooking. I scratch that itch that is pretty much the same as you have with the Marshall Silver Jube 2555X. Switchable to 50w. Matching cab(s) are a must if you really want to get the most out of it. Next in line, for maximum versatility, I'd pop for a JVM410H, more specifically the JVM410HJS Joe Satriani variation.But play though it before you get it, or buy it returnable, regardless of what you decide on.There are lots of awesome high end tube amps out there, but me and my wallet don't have any experience with them.
  20. Wmachine


    That and Reverb.You won't get any better (realistic) answer on any forum.
  21. I recently bought this '79 Explorer E2. There are lots of anomalies here, and I'm in the process of trying to determine what's what. There is more than meets the eye here and some pretty strong evidence that it started life as a Kalamazoo special order. Special Order or customized, it is a well done rock machine!
  22. Any way to use Google photos? Regular "copy link location" gets a "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board." rejection.
  23. A recommendation for an amp is is even less meaningful than a recommendation for s guitar without knowing what you are going to use it for. What sound? Style of music? Additionally for an amp, Home? Bedroom? Portable? For gigs? Let alone budget.
  24. Helps for you to give as much info as possible. What is the serial number? Should tell what year it was made.
  25. Looks to be basically the same as the last one. Other than some cosmetics, it changed to a one piece maple neck. Not a fan of the white. I think it loses some of the bling because the white binding gets lost in the white body color. Unfortunately, I can't see any other color binding working with white either.
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