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  1. Yes, that certainly helps, thanks. It was good you did your homework. Warranty work may not ever come up in the future for me, but it is nice to know there is some latitude there. I hope having the warranty precludes the need for it!
  2. I understand your point of view, but I don't know where Gibson draws the line. "Reversibility" itself does not make the change *not* a modification. No matter what we "think" constitutes a modification, the only definition that matters in this case is Gibson's. So I'd still like to get this explained by Gibson.
  3. Looks like you have the 2014 model version of the 2016 that I have. Yours has the anchors under the Custom Made plate, mine doesn't have either.
  4. First of all, I'm really happy to hear they gave you such great customer service, and really gave it the care it deserved. That said, I'm surprised they honored the warranty because of the mods you said were done by the dealer. The Warranty clearly states that the Warranty does not cover "Any instrument that has been altered or modified in any way....." My question is to Stijn Vergeest (or other Gibson Customer Service): What is the explanation here? Did you decide to make and exception? I know this sounds like a complaint, but it is more like the opposite. The reason for the question is so we (I, at least) can know what to expect from the Warranty. As the original owner of many new Gibsons, this is important to me. And also should be important to Gibson, as this is a most favorable report instead of the usual Gibson bashing that pervades.
  5. Most of them are long gone now. See my post above. Search "Gibson Floor Model" to find them. There is still one Studio 335, a late '60s ES-335 reissue, an ES-175, a number of ES-Les Pauls, and ES-339s that I can see as of now. An ES-339 for $895 a super buy, and some were even 15% off additionally over last weekend. I just have no interest in a 339 for myself. I already picked up more than I care to admit, including a Cherry Lucille that was south of $1800. Though many were bought to flip, I still don't see that sale putting a huge or long lasting dent in the market.
  6. Use your model number to find out more. Unfortunately, the factory sticker may or may not have the full model number on it. Gibson will give you specs (and model #) if you write them. You said Gibson told you something, I'm guessing they gave you some specs? I'm not sure what else you would be looking for. Except for some pre-stated limited runs, Gibson does not divulge production numbers. "Limited Run" really doesn't tell you much, other than it is not as extensive as non-Limited Run. (FWIW, the board does not look like ebony to me, but...)
  7. Chicago Music Exchange My link CME made a large purchase of remaining stock from the Gibson Memphis plant. They were sold at blowout prices to move the stock. Their agreement with Gibson was they would sell them as "Floor Models", thus without Gibson warranty, which CME substituted with their own warrantly. Though apparently some of the stock had some minor issues, most by far were new in box without a thing wrong with them. If anyone did have a problem, CME would worked it out, or took it back, and or replaced it if one was still available. Many of us that took part got once-in-a-lifetime deals on these. I ended up getting 3 different ones, all were flawless. There are still some left from the sale, search "Gibson Floor Model" on the CME site. Call them to get the best deal. So that's the whole story. Though not "regularly available real world prices", enough were sold to put a temporary dent in the used Gibson Memphis market here in the US. Both by removing potential buyers, and putting flipper purchased ones out there for sale.
  8. No, not misinformed. I bought one, and as a matter of fact it was a less than $1800 further on sale. That was a limited CME purchase from Gibson, and they have since sold out so you won't find them listed. Great guitar, GLWTS. CME did sell a number of them, most at $2400.00. But hope that won't make selling too hard for you. You may see some of them for sale from flippers. At least you'll know why now.
  9. Likewise here. What 345 did you get? Mine is the '64 reissue TDC Maestro VOS, and I like it just the way it is. (The varitone is interesting, but not essential)
  10. But therein lies the answer. It is your opinion that the BB are "more desirable". Gibson feels they are appropriate, and I happen to agree. The MHS are not as bright as BBs. Which a lot of guys don't like. But the MHS are used in the reissues because they are more like the original. Brighter may be liked more, but doesn't make them more accurate to the originals. I think Gibson is actually doing a good job matching pups to guitars over the last few years, especially the Memphis models. Do you really believe Gibson is just cheaping out by using 490s in the BB King Lucille? I have one, and don't think so!
  11. I see this is very similar to (I'd call it essentially the same thing to) what Fender did in the 2014-15 Fender American Deluxe Strat Plus. It has a series of about 5 (circuit) cards that are interchangeable in a small compartment in the back. The card emulate different wiring combos. Additionally the cards have DIP switches on them, further offering seemingly endless combos for tone. And this whole thing is passive. Pretty impressive as far as I'm concerned. Not too surprisingly, it was bashed by the Fender community (read that as forums)as being anything from stupid to gimmicky. In fact "gimmicky" became the most common descriptor for it. Go figure. "They" talk about rewiring different combos all day long, then when Fender doe that (and more) for them, they bash it. Fender promptly dropped that feature after that model. I bought one brand new for a ridiculous $850 and it is a really great American Strat. If you don't want to fuss with the cards and related features, just leave the original card in the slot and it is just like a regular Strat. Once again, the fickle buying public doesn't know a good thing when it hits them right between the eyes. I expect no better reception to the new Gibson version.
  12. I'm a bit of a magnet for that problem. Where the individual settings of the toggle work fine, but in the middle, only one pup works (yes, volumes up). Had that happen a couple years ago with an EPI LP Trad Pro (replaced the switch) Now within the last year, have the same thing with a new 2015 Gibson LP Trad, a new 2015 Gibson Flying V, and a new 2016 Guild Starfire III. Not the worst problem to have, and worth it for the prices I paid.
  13. FWIW, the satin finish is just as thick as the gloss, according to Gibson specs. It can be buffed out to be more glossy, but the finish itself is a much lower "sheen", so you can't obtain the same gloss as the high gloss finishes. But you can certainly give the satin some shine.
  14. I just scratched the itch for a V and got an insane deal on a new 2015 Flying V in Classic White. (Yes, they did make them in 2015) I like it!!
  15. All true VOS are generally???? Can't be "all" and "generally". The last couple years there are a lot of VOS that are Gibson Memphis, not custom shop, so......... Generally, speaking in general will generally get one in general trouble, generally speaking.
  16. Damn. The secret is out. See what mob mentality can do? Even on the internet? Personally, I've stocked up up 2015s at hysteria prices including one like yours from Sam Ash, but with another $20 off. You're right, they're great.
  17. I think what I'm going to tell you is *very* important: First thing is to determine if the guitar is a "good one". Does it play good and sound good? This is what is really important. Because if it is indeed a good one, DON'T SEND IT BACK. Negotiate the best discount/refund you can and keep it. You could end up in worse shape by the time you're done. Look at it this way. If it came perfect and it was a good one, played great and everything and THEN you put a ding in it, would you feel compelled to sell it? Down the road a great guitar is still a great guitar, dings and all. I know a lot of guys would be quick to say "if it's not perfect, send it back". But you can end up making a big mistake.
  18. My link That is an insane price for a really good ES-175.
  19. That was preceded by the Les Paul PlusTop PRO introduced 3/17/10: http://www.epiphone.com/News-Features/News/2010/Introducing-Les-Paul-PlusTop-PRO-FX.aspx This PlusTop PRO/FX has "coil-taps" (term misused by even EPI) using Alnico Classic and Alnico Classic Plus pups. This is the earliest reference to coil splits on EPIs that I can fine. EPI announced the new ProBuckers in Aug 2010. http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/News/2010/Epiphone-Introduces-the-ProBucker-Pickup.aspx There was no mention of split coils then, but it appears that all ProBucker applications have them. I'm puzzled that I can find no announcement/introduction of them. Like they just started to appear. Even before they were documented as being used.
  20. When did Epiphone start using coil split pickups? When were they first used in their Les Paul models?
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