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  1. Also Kirk Hammett has it now and he don`t sound like PG either.
  2. "Wish you were here" We do it. I dislike it. Still, we do it.
  3. I always play his version of Hey Joe.
  4. Missing two tonight but played on with another guitarist who tried at times some songs in a different key until I shouted out. Good fun and we had a good laugh doing things a bit different. Even had a guy working his air guitar on my solo.
  5. Played on Friday night, first time we done Tennessee Whiskey seemed to go down well. We play with two acoustics and two electrics, our regular second lead has turned out to be **** again, so I`m done with him, had a new fella., big Rory Gallagher devotee. Worked out grand for the most part but stop with the musical masturbation ! Had to put my hand out a few times to tell him to stop, leave space and listen. He is used playing as the only guitar in the band so it`s new for him.
  6. Mutha

    New Music

    Well done. Keep at it.
  7. Running through our setlist for later on.
  8. I use a VHT Special 6 combo but probably still on the heavy side for what you`re looking for.
  9. Mother of jaysus! As a biker that is not something that sounds good to do! Heal well and quick. How`s the bike?
  10. I worked all day, came home, drank beer while playing along to the dead, any more pics of the doggo?
  11. Played for 3 hours, watching Nascar now and have to be up early for the rugby. Drinking a few beers included.
  12. Asked to join a gig, arrived in with the clean amp, pedal board and LP...they are playing trad music, ah jaysus. Done some country chords and the was asked "have one?" Hit the od pedal launched straight into Cocaine and took it from there. Good night.
  13. Mutha


    Might be just me but herself got a rug for my room and it`s great. When I asked why I was told, " in all the music I see you playing along to they are standing on rugs, so I got you one" So much better than a hard floor, next gig, I got me own rug! Rest of them can go an shite 🙂 `tis the little things, I`m sure my playing has improved. Probably not..................but hey.
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