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  1. Mutha


    The wife suggested a Van Zant.
  2. Mutha


    Outside a bit from San Francisco with a bit of roaming around.
  3. A nightmare that I can only imagine but just to repeat what others have said, as long as you and your family are safe is the main thing. Stuff can be replaced.
  4. Mutha


    I have family down under, we were married there and I`ve always wanted to move but the the wife won`t. I`ve my good, my work and my casual Aussie hats. Great hat and have them in the the house, workshop, the van and one in the bag for when off the bike. One is never far from my hand but I was thinking of getting one when stateside next year. Any recommendations?
  5. Hey Rabs, the first gig you played.😃
  6. We played last night to nearly empty venue because they forgot to advertise it. No worries I said, they apologized and we got a few beers thrown in. Used it as a practice and we had fun, played some new songs. Played a Irish song that is our Freebird, first half slow and then whack it right up, think we put eight minutes on that. All in all a good night and they promised to sort it for next month.
  7. Mutha


    That is nice!
  8. Rather than play music we went to the pub and spoke about playing music.
  9. Mutha


    Onwards and upwards! Play on and may good things continue for ye.
  10. Restless Tennessee Whiskey Crossroads Just got Paid Going Down.
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