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  1. "fap", sounds very hollow, "fap", emg`s using the the neck, "faaaaap", need a lie down now.
  2. I`m gonna suggest to mine.
  3. Mutha


    So you turned a strat into an lp. I know. I know. I`m dead to you. I shall go away now. 🙂
  4. Really sorry for the loss of your buddies. Dogs are the absolute best friend .
  5. Mountain. One of the most played bands in this house. Play on lad.
  6. Mutha


    Enjoy! Really like a three pickup Tele.
  7. That small greenish individual is being sought in relation to genocide(eating of large frog type eggs).
  8. RCT I envy you, if I met Mr Betts I`d probably turn into a puddle of piss while also asking him to show me "One way out".
  9. Angus always drank tea (far as I know) Malcom came up with the riffs and was always the better guitar player according to Angus. Was self conscious and didn`t want to be out front. Bon Scott era is always what I listen to. They`re also the reason I have an SG. First song I learned was "Whole lot of Rosie"(on electric).
  10. Had to stop, all them unorganized cables made me start twitching.
  11. Sorry for your loss Hall.
  12. At a guess its like it fell against a table edge, marked head, tuner and stressed finish.
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