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  1. Glad to hear that nobody hurt, most stuff can be replaced. Hopefully does not take long for you to get sorted.
  2. Got to get out of this place BOC version and Old Man Down The Road.
  3. We`re on official lock down from today, put spotlights on the van and played guitar.
  4. Well does refer to himself as Father Paranoia, just saying 🙂 785 here, 3 deaths.
  5. I`m self employed so while the merchants stay open I can work. Our gigs are obviously put back to whenever. Driving around is a bit strange as there is very little traffic although an lot of heads are using this time to get out on their bikes (sigh) Tailbacks at parks/forest/ open area places as people just need to get out. Already we`re hearing of some getting narky, if this goes on beyond month end (probably will) then stuff will ramp up here. A lot of scare mongering going on, to me, if everybody just used the feckin` head and be sensible this would work through. Kiss the wife/husband, Hug/chastise the kids, Play like there is no tomorrow, there will be, but sure it`ll be great craic in the meantime.
  6. In the next couple of days, the Irish will be sober. May God help ye all.
  7. Up to today I wasn`t to worried, now their closing the pubs. This just got serious. For feck sake we`re Irish, what the hell we gonna do now?
  8. After Midnight- Jerry Garcia band (really trying to drag it out and have some fun) audience? hump them ! Bad Penny. Mr Big.
  9. Mutha


    The wife suggested a Van Zant.
  10. Mutha


    Outside a bit from San Francisco with a bit of roaming around.
  11. A nightmare that I can only imagine but just to repeat what others have said, as long as you and your family are safe is the main thing. Stuff can be replaced.
  12. Mutha


    I have family down under, we were married there and I`ve always wanted to move but the the wife won`t. I`ve my good, my work and my casual Aussie hats. Great hat and have them in the the house, workshop, the van and one in the bag for when off the bike. One is never far from my hand but I was thinking of getting one when stateside next year. Any recommendations?
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