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  1. Played for 3 hours, watching Nascar now and have to be up early for the rugby. Drinking a few beers included.
  2. Asked to join a gig, arrived in with the clean amp, pedal board and LP...they are playing trad music, ah jaysus. Done some country chords and the was asked "have one?" Hit the od pedal launched straight into Cocaine and took it from there. Good night.
  3. Mutha


    Might be just me but herself got a rug for my room and it`s great. When I asked why I was told, " in all the music I see you playing along to they are standing on rugs, so I got you one" So much better than a hard floor, next gig, I got me own rug! Rest of them can go an shite πŸ™‚ `tis the little things, I`m sure my playing has improved. Probably not..................but hey.
  4. Black, double cut, p90.
  5. Bloody hell! What kind of idiot does that and thinks it is an improvement?
  6. I have twelve, only eight I would regard as worth having, the others are my first purchases.
  7. Seriously, that does not help me in any way. So many guitars.............. "looks at our customer charges.." "Due to Gibson having nice things that I want, you will have to pay more for my services..............................please?"
  8. Rabs, you beut! That worked, tryin` for bleedin` days I was. Now can you figure out why I can`t get into the fretboard please πŸ™‚
  9. Mutha


    Very nice, good luck with it.
  10. They are absolutely lovely.
  11. Duane played with him, wish I could, with both, right in the middle, givin`it loads. Happy birthday Mr Clapton Sir!
  12. Sorry Irish humor, my wife will stick a sharp object in me if I mention your post.
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