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  1. RCT I envy you, if I met Mr Betts I`d probably turn into a puddle of piss while also asking him to show me "One way out".
  2. Angus always drank tea (far as I know) Malcom came up with the riffs and was always the better guitar player according to Angus. Was self conscious and didn`t want to be out front. Bon Scott era is always what I listen to. They`re also the reason I have an SG. First song I learned was "Whole lot of Rosie"(on electric).
  3. Had to stop, all them unorganized cables made me start twitching.
  4. Sorry for your loss Hall.
  5. Mutha


    But are you sure?
  6. At a guess its like it fell against a table edge, marked head, tuner and stressed finish.
  7. Digitech Trio does the same and would be cheaper, especially a secondhand one.
  8. Both my Uncle and Father are still working at 70, self employed as I am. I grew up in a working yard, built,tore down and repaired any amount of stuff there and outside over the years The idea of sitting back is somewhat appealing but as the Uncle says "eh, what we gonna do after?" I know herself likes the idea but just let me have a quick look at that yoke..............
  9. Recently read Bernie Marsden "Where's My Guitar ". Not bad but lacking in detail I thought.
  10. I miss it, really miss it but I`m only a rookie. We had three days last week and it became apparent very quickly that only the bass player and myself had kept up the practice. Lot of snarling on my part. Bass player reckons we need a new band.
  11. Rocker 30 ( dirt) and VHT (clean) on a A/B pedal. Various pedals that come on and off depending on what we`re doing. Also I would do a lot of volume and tone changes on the guitar. Pedals are set so I don`t change them. LP, SG, PRS Bernie, Vintage p90, Tanglewood TSB 59.
  12. This is a house in mourning, the "real" Fleetwood Mac is played consistently here. Duane and Peter are the reason I play a LP.
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