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  1. Not to forget what he did with Rainbow.
  2. My all time favorite metal singer. Love Black Sabbath with Ozzy but then Dio joined and I was like,,,holy fcuk! When I got see him on the Holy Diver tour it was apparent age was doing its thing but was major happy that I`d finally got to hear him live. Heaven and Hell is one my regular go to albums.
  3. Enjoyed it but would`ve liked more. Agree on the 80`s stuff.
  4. Mutha


    We play a few of his, Bad Penny is my favorite when we get (ours) the three electrics right.
  5. Mutha


    Everything to ksaddy,.... cool.
  6. That`s great to hear, my lot still won`t shift, bunch of bloody.............. I`ve just being given one of them Alesis as we can`t get a steady drummer, any tips for setting it up?
  7. The Dead in Giants Stadium `91 is on at the moment while I sip a whiskey.
  8. Aye, just herself assumed that he wasn`t due to.......well.. you know.
  9. Watching a John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers concert earlier and my fellow inmate asked if they were still alive? "Yes said I, why?, well, everybody you play and like are normally dead" Jaysus...........................................
  10. 21176 total, 1265 dead, 13386 recovered. These are reported figures which is bollix. They ignored the nursing homes, others and are only now starting to include them. Like everything else, the Irish have to do a pandemic....... arseways.
  11. The impression I`ve always got is that he is a wind up merchant. Lets on he is smartest guy in the room until you give it back and then have the craic.
  12. Blackmore sent his old Strat in for a refret and the guy sanded it flat because he thought it had worn down.
  13. Mutha

    Drum peddal

    I also use a Trio, very handy.
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