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  1. @Whitefang , yep, same as, looks weird to me.
  2. Sad to hear that, may he RIP.
  3. I have mine at waist height, middle of guitar is at my belt. A guy I play with is a huge Beatles fan, it is so high that he places his ear on the side of the guitar(acoustic) as he is playing.
  4. Just play the damn thing. If you play it enough the finish will change anyways. Danish Pete needs a kick in the hole.
  5. Mutha


    I would like a go of that.
  6. Didn`t like it when Coghlan left but....... I don`t listen to what the Quo recorded after Alan left. RIP Alan.
  7. That does look well, enjoy.
  8. Played the Nurses gig. We were terrible to my ears. They liked it. What the hell do I know.
  9. That is muck, people need to be informed, I`m a bit dodge,
  10. Didn`t notice that, says in the article he tinkered with it.
  11. Bit more here: https://guitar.com/news/les-pauls-number-one-auction/ I`d love a go of it.
  12. The earliest approved model of the Gibson Les Paul — owned by Les Paul himself and known affectionately as “Number One” — is headed to auction. The lot will be part of the upcoming “Exceptional Sale,” taking place October 13th at Christie’s in New York City. Paul and Gibson Incorporated developed “Number One” around 1951 and 1952. At the time, Gibson had lost ground and market share to Fender, which had launched the Telecaster, the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar, in 1950. In response, Gibson tapped Paul — one of the most popular musicians in the country at the time — to help them develop a solid-body electric guitar of their own; the “Number One” Gibson Goldtop they crafted would serve as the basis for the Gibson Les Paul guitars that would eventually become a rock and roll staple. “Number One” is being auctioned off by Paul’s son, Gene Paul, and longtime guitar builder, engineer and producer, Tom Doyle. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/les-paul-number-one-gibson-guitar-auction-1213283/
  13. Mutha

    No gigs.

    Never noticed that but only seems to be on this one. I like the idea of an author, must look into it.
  14. Mutha

    No gigs.

    Detected infections going up again over there?
  15. Mutha

    No gigs.

    Was informed last night we have to learn some Dolly songs as that is the theme of the party. They are going to be dressed as her and want the music. No worries says I but will be delivered Garcia style.
  16. Not a gig but we played outdoor at a farm last night, birthday thing for a band member. BBQ and beers, great craic. Still can`t understand what is wrong with a twenty minute solo.
  17. Not so on the negativity, this maybe a part of how they earn a few pound now.
  18. RIP Dusty. Seen reports where his tech is going to stand in.
  19. We`ve been in lockdown for so long it`s fuppin` stupid. Our pubs finally reopen on Monday and I`ve got an agreement for us to play one on a semi regular basis. We had a jam together twice in the last week and we were feckin` desperate. Some have not been keeping up to speed. Somebody took a video of tonight's jam, sent it to another and we got booked for a private party for 40 nurses in September. Eh? Sure enough we`ll be grand by then but bloody hell.
  20. "fap", sounds very hollow, "fap", emg`s using the the neck, "faaaaap", need a lie down now.
  21. Mutha


    So you turned a strat into an lp. I know. I know. I`m dead to you. I shall go away now. 🙂
  22. Really sorry for the loss of your buddies. Dogs are the absolute best friend .
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