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Finally some decent pics

Bender 4 Life

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She's a beaut Bender! Never sell that one! [thumbup]


Reminds me, I need to take some pics of my new Warmoth Tele.

It's finally finished. [smile]


many thanks everyone........


no worry about me parting w/this guitar as long as i'm breathing Lurch, this is the one I gave my Son for his 16th birthday (in '98) but came back to me in '00 when he was killed 4 months before he turned 18.


when I DO stop breathing, it passes to my wifes Niece....she's 8 and has been playing w/musical instruments for 3 yrs already.....she currently has a Fender Malibu A/E and an Epi G400 Deluxe Flametop, courtesy of Uncle Bender, [thumbup]

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