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Unexpected NGD - 1983 Sheraton


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I was not in the market for a new guitar, but I found an 83' Japanese Matsumoku made Sheraton for sale on Gumtree.


Decided to go and take a look at it last Sunday and ended up coming home with a new guitar.

Other than some slight tarnishing to the gold plating on the tailpiece and pickups, it is in excellent condition and is all stock / original parts.


Was well worth the four hour round trip.



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That's a beautiful old thing isn't it jolly good for you - and it's also the Sheraton version of my Emperor which apparently dates from 2 months before yours.


Here is the thread with pics of the Emperor in case you've not seen it


If it's anything like the Emperor then you're going to love playing it, it turns out that these guitars are very well made indeed.

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Simon - beautiful guitar.

I previously posted in your thread with regards to trying to accurately date the year of manufacture.


Gosh - sorry - of course you did, I recognise your name now!! It's been a long day :-)


When you have a sec, please could you post a close-up pic of one of the volume / tone knobs?


Anyway, enjoy, I'm sure you are!!

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