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Me playing my Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015


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I just listened to the whole song. Nicely done. What type harmonizer were you using for the later lead parts? Or was that two guitar tracks layered together?


I did't use any harmonizer because I don't like how they sound so I played the parts separately .

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Nice. But where where the rest of the band? ;)


Thanks to all for the nice comments !! There is no band but just me and the singer.The song was supposed to compete on a festival but after some problems with the festival staff we ended up not competing at all.The drums are programmed by me and the synth sound are also coming from different vst programs :)


Cheers B)

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Great song, deka.


Beautiful work, and a fantastic guitar tone.





Very nice deka!



Kjo Solo ishte e madhe !


That Solo was Great!



Solo sounded great!!


Thanks to everyone for the nice comments :)

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