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Advice on this Tele...

Tim Plains

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What the heck, I've posted it elsewhere...why not here, as well??!!

I'm sure you guys are just about sick of all my Tele posts but here's one more...maybe the last one.

I think I found a great deal. It does not have a COA or case candy but I don't care about that stuff. I have five Gibson COAs + case candy and they do nothing but sit around all day!


Private sale, $1,800. A new '52VR now lists for $1,700 up here, plus tax (although, I can get one for $1,500, taxes in). Still, $300 extra for a Custom Shop Tele...come on! I went to L&M and they only have four Custom Shop Teles in their system ranging from $3,250 to $5,000.


I'm sure it's legit because it looks too darn sweet to be a fake. I'm going in tomorrow to check it out.

The description goes...


Fender Custom Shop Telecaster built in August 2000, to 1954 'transition' specs. White single ply pickguard (changed from black in mid '54) and the serial number on the bridge plate (moved to neck plate in mid '54). The neck is flamed maple with a "soft-v" profile tapering to a slim C. The radius is 7.25" with vintage frets and negligible fret wear. Low serial number (400xx!) and condition is near mint with no dings or scratches and not a trace of buckle rash. Includes the G&G tweed case, ashtray bridge over, and a Levis strap with straplocks attached (original buttons are gone) but no case candy. This guitar has hardly been played because I prefer shorter scales with flatter fretboards and bigger frets.









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Buy it Tim.


It's gonna drive you nuts until you do.


I gigged a Tele for several years. I learned what they could NOT do.


But, you have signs of Tele fever. You will have to own one to know.


If you don't gig, you will be happy with it. If you want a guitar to put on some kind of display for people to look at, a 52RI is pretty cool. You can post pretty pictures of it on the internet. Fender people will gaze at the pictures. And be amazed at the simplicity.


But if you are a working musician playing bars you will NOT like the 7.25, or the 3 saddles that WILL NOT INTONATE, or the buzzy pickups.


Best of luck, Tim.


Buy it, play it, and then you'll understand why Les built the Paul.


He needed a guitar worthy of his talent.



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For a person that hates teles and repeatedly stated (and left clear) he would never do such a thing as buying one, you are giving this too much thought. But then again, you left only to come back... so you buying a tele is not a surprise. What's next? penis enhancement?=P~

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Murph, I'm not a gigging musician...just a guy with a problem.

You sound like the angel on my right shoulder telling me how it is and I probably should be listening to you.

I'm sure everything you wrote is dead on accurate and I'd know exactly what you're talking about after I were to get accustomed to a guitar like this.


Thunder, I don't know what you are talking about. I have never said anything negative about Telecasters. How dare you put such words in my mouth!! Rumor has it you've already had the implant, any words of wisdom before I start looking for one? :)


Axe, I've changed. It's not you, it's me...

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Don't do it Tim...you want twang in a historic traditional guitar get a Gretsch.


Seriously if you really want it go for it...another one bites the dust


The guys that swore off Teles: first Thundergod and now you...


Maybe I just see too many Teles here in town...

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I like the sellers reason...something about liking a shorter scale with a flatter neck and bigger frets...hmmm...what could that mean?!

It means he has nine Les Pauls and doesn't play this Telecaster...I asked.


Ya know...since Murph's reply a few hours ago I've been thinking a lot about this ('cause I'm home alone waiting for the Mrs. to get home). I don't normally do this without experiencing it first hand but I think in this instance I'll take his word for it, suck it up and just not get an old school Tele. I'm sure this doesn't make a lot of sense to the people reading it but it's clear as day to me right now. I'd probably just be wasting my money on it.


AXE, glad to be back! :D


Thunder, I'm waiting on that penile implant recommendation. What did you have done to yours and what do I need to know?

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Tim, you know that you want a tele, everybody wants at least one. If I needed/wanted another one, this is the one that I'd be buying...It's American, it's got modern features, it's got a bound alder body, it's new, it's pretty and it's affordable. This one's a player....My .02



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