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I hate DI Box


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I've had a live web tv session in France on Saturday that was great, these guys had very good gears for recording and they were very nice.


My sound was my 'normal', sound the one I like, but I have noticed that they put a DI on my preamp out of my Fender.

Today, they published the videos on Youtube ... even if they have mic'ed my amp, they have used the DI sound to mix ... this sound so synthetic, artificial... I don't like DI


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Thanks a lot for your kind comments, am I beginning to become too exigeant with myself ?

Don't know I work so much my playing and my tone then I may loose senses of reality

Quite normal in my opinion. When about my playing and tone, I can be pedantic and nitpicking, too. [rolleyes] At least my bandmates say so... :unsure:

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