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Drifting Luke's Highway -Original on J-45


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Hi folks,

Been a while.Had a forum break during which i was a bit crook and completely lost my singing voice...not much to lose you say! [biggrin].

Lasted a couple of weeks, I was starting to think it may be gone for good.Made me realise what a limited guitar player I was.Is it too late to become one of those AGF fingerstylists pumping out melodies all over the fretboard???

Anyway for what it's worth it came back.Here's a song I wrote.No toe tapper...just a bit of disposable art for arts sake.





Once was a little kid

a toy six shooter

then a working stiff

soon a high falooter


horizons were fingered

big wheels got scammed

and lesser gods carved me

as their drinking man


tell ya what the drinking man saw

Angelina walk out the door

a mantelpiece without any cards

and Christmas night in the cold fact bar


on Drifting Luke's highway

a downbeat of cars

us new broken hearted

unhitched from our stars


past sheet metal fairgrounds

five minutes from rust

and high wire girls

on rope they don't trust


that's a tough law you made

the half life when love fades

I drink at the morning I drink at the sky

the rear vision mirror never asks why


lost weekends in the valley

lost friends in the stream

Old Dali does my nightmares

Young Munch does the screams


no longer a little one

But I still bullet-hole signs

My Cadillac's waiting

just biding it's time


tell ya where the drinking man ends

on Drifting Luke's highway around every bend

shaking and laying in his next shotgun shack

one thing certain no-one's calling him back

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Geez, another happy-go-lucky one. Those kind of blues are a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Great lyrics- hooked after reading/ before hearing . . .


Hope you've been well.



ps- you and that black-nut Standard are beginning to be an item.


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Thanks Keith, Kelly, Murph,62 B and Old C. You're a kindly crew.


62B you have a keen eye on all things guitar.Other alumni of the Black Nut include BK777 and Em7 I think..any others?


Don't love the song but was glad to get it in a presentable form.Spent a lot of time on it....and happy to cut it loose and forget about it.

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I thought that was real quality. And your voice sounded real good, probably as good as Ive heard it FB. I found that if I take a break for a week or two it has a positive effect on the voice when I return. The chords and the brain just needs sometime to process and internalise what youve been doing and then continue the journey.


That was real good, I dig that vibe ..

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Cheers Dhanners..that's a nice compliment.

You too BBG.Thanks mate.My illness was nothing too serious.Appreciate the thoughts.

Good on ya EA.Seeing your recording earlier made me feel like doing one too.

Lars.Yes I understand your comment- regards nightmares.

There were a few things going on in my mind writing the song.Some cultural references were a 1945 movie about an alcoholic called Lost Weekend.

A Twilight Zone episode episode from 1960 called The Hitcher.About a woman driving cross country across backroads USA.Haunted by a hitchhiker who always appears at the next town before she arrives.Has a great twist if you can find it online.

Also some Hank Williams references.

So yea a bit of a nightmare [mellow]

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