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Buc McMaster

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The sweeter tone of this new 12 is influencing my tune choice already, and to that end I tripped over this one last night.........still tripping over it this morning! :blink: There are certainly some hiccups here.......the vocal transition to the C# chord is quite tricky and that high note in the chorus is a nutcracker.......but with just a few run throughs under my belt I think this one can become serviceable for the set list with a bit more time spent. Not sure of the arrangement yet either but it'll get there..........


J-45 12 fret; Martin Retro .012s, half step down, capo 4 (key of F); Blue Chip TPR50 pick; iPad to iMovie



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That's real nice, Buc. You made an "I've heard this a million times" song interesting again; no small feat.

I do like your approach to material you choose--always worth a listen or two.

Nice git you got there....

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Have tried that one , busted a nut


Indeed. That "hold me closer tiny dancer" line is a throat ripper. It's one thing to hit it but another to hit it properly without over-singing it just because it's high. Fine line. It's already gotten better since this video take..........when I get hold of a tune that seems like it might work for me, I wear it out for days on end. Let's see.....it's Wednesday, yes?........might make the Sunday open mic with this one. Did One Toke Over the Line last Sunday for the first time and the whole place started singing along. Nice to know they're paying at least some attention.


Thanks for listening and the kind comments! Y'all are great! [thumbup]

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I'll learn from yours again

Think I tried it in C

The little bridge before the chorus is what threw me off because it's the one part of the song that wasn't familiar. Everyone know the chorus don't they

The bridge is actually the hardest part I found

Repetition eh



Bugger you for not filming the important hand


Sal has no head. You have no fretting hand

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