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Original song "Isolation"


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If I may pester you all once more...



I wrote this song after reading an article about the Humpback Whale population being threatened with extinction. Whale herds stay together for the lifetime of the members. They maintain communication through their eerie calls that sometimes travel for miles underwater. It is this communication and lifetime connection that enables the herd to thrive.


Now, however, the shipping traffic on the oceans is becoming so heavy that the noise from the freighters is literally drowning out the communication of the herds. Consequently, the family members become disoriented and lost in the vast waters of the oceans. Once they are out of touch, the members don't survive for long.


Reading about this made me quite sad, so I wrote Isolation. I use an app with actual whale sounds in the background to help set the mood for the story.


I hope you like the song, and thanks for listening.



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