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Please help me out on this trade.


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Someone offer a Gibson SJ-200 elite custom plus $650 cash on his side...





Trading for 2 of my guitars.

1.Gibson Songwriter Orpheum mystic rosewood.






2.Martin OMC Aura




Is this a fair trade on both sides ? I am not a J-200 fan and not sure about the value of this particular SJ-200 model.

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As with any trade deal, it comes down to two things. First, the economics of the trade. As I have no clue what any of these guitars are worth no advice here. The second, is how happy are you are with your guitars and how much would you want the J-200. Again, only you can answer this. As you noted you are not a fan of the J-200 in general, so it may come down to not only how much you like the guitars you have but how big a gamble are you willing to make. I recently traded away two guitars plus some cash for one. In terms of what I paid for the two instruments or what I could probably get for them in a quick sale I broke even on the deal. While I might have been able to wrench more money from somebody's pocket for the guitars if I had the patience to hold out for a certain price, this deal was sitting in front of me, selling guitars can be a royal pain in the butt and I could not escape the fact that I liked the guitar I acquired a whole lot better than the two I let go of. So I have had not one second thought about going through with it.

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I have a J-200 Elite -- very nice guitar! In general, it's an "aesthetically prettier" version of a standard J-200, which in itself is already a pretty fine instrument. Most of them sport Imperial stairstep tuners, ebony boards and bridges in place of r/w, and abalone in place of MOP, except the logo. Plus an abalone rosette. Sometimes, nice woods, sometimes not.


So that's what that is. In general, I would hazard a guess that an Elite is worth, used, maybe 300 - 600 more than its non-Elite J-200 cousin. "In general".


It looks like the one you're being offered fits those criteria, and has got some really nice flamey maple. Looks like a regular sitka top rather than a red spruce top.


You'll have to do the math from there. If you're not a J-200 fan to begin with, I think that would factor pretty heavily in the decision. I don't know a thing about the Martin except who made it! :-)



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If you go to reverb.com you may be able to find an approx price for all these guitars, or at least for new versions. If it was me, I would take the new price (if I couldn't find a used price), drop it by 25 or 30%, add up the numbers and see if you are anywhere close to the offered deal. None of this is an exact science. All guitars are only worth as much as someone is willing to spend for them, not what someone is asking for them. If you are not a J-200 fan to begin with, why would you even consider the trade unless its in the hope you can make more money by selling the J200 than you could by selling the Martin and the Songwriter separately?

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So he's offering the 200 Elite plus $650 your way?


It depends how good the Elite is, but if it's a stellar one, that's a lifer guitar right there.


That Songwriter does look amazing but it's all down to how it speaks to you vs the 200. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Super Jumbo player so I always gravitate towards the big boxes but I appreciate that it's different for everyone. I'd get along to try it out and see how it is and go from there.


The Martin does nothing for me personally but I'm sure it's a good instrument. The bottom line is, what can you live without and what can't you live without?

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I suspect the OP is trying to get into a better selling position than he is currently in. He has two fine

guitars, although they are not the first tier guitars from either Gibson or Martin. By trading for a first

tier Gibson and cash, the OP would be in a better position to sell the Elite and go after what he really wants.

Just my hunch.

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