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Which 335 would you say is better value?


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If you have the chance to play them both, then the one that feels and sounds best to you is the better value.


For the same price I guess the 15 year newer one might be better as the electronics, the finish etc have all had 15 years less use, so it might last longer and be in better condition. But again playing them would be the best way to tell which is better for you.

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Gotta play em. ES-335's don't suck.


When I use a 335 I look like I'm 6 playing swordfight with a galvanized trash can lid as my shield.


Love 'em, love how they sound, wouldn't be caught dead using one for fear of the viral hilarity the pictures would bring.



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...Basically, which is better value?...



You HAVE to play them both to decide which is the one you prefer.

This question has no meaningful answer if the guitars cannot be evaluated on their own merits.


If you can't play both of them prior to choosing then choose the one which is "prettier" in the hope that it holds its resale value slightly better if it turns out to be a dog playing-wise.



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