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Gibson es 175 1954 or 1959


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They are both reissues.

Well in that case.. Both guitars are in the same ball park... No one can say which will be worth more in the future and with the large amount of guitars produced today they most probably wont be worth any more than they are now... If we knew what models would be good investment guitars and there was a way to know, we would all be rich by now ;) In saying that, artist models do tend to hold their value a bit more (I think).


So just go with the one you like the best and will enjoy the most..

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So I just went and looked them up..


Am I right in saying one has humbuckers and the other has P90s?


If that's they case then id say that would be the decider for a lot of people...

Since the humbuckers were released in ‘57, I guess a ‘54 would only come with P90s


I’d go for the ‘59 myself

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