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Normally I record in my home office, but recently I have been banished to the basement. My mother in law came to live with us a year back, and Sunday mornings she watches tv - right next to my office. Where the office can be recorded dry, when I record in the basement I end up having to add a smidgeon of reverb to the recording, and I did that here. There are rusty flubs, as I haven't practiced this one in ages, so there's that then...


Hope you like it,






Oh... as an aside...


EM - I watched that tuning video you posted (James Taylor sweetened tuning). I did tune the low E (dropped D) a tad flat, as well as the B

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You bring that quite difficult number safe ashore.

First I thought 4x20, , , wait a min., that's a Martin task.

Then again I actually did it on my ne-necked 66 CW at a kitchen jam last Thursday and why not play around.

This worked splendidly. The Bird sounds grand and your f-picking is growing fast (strings ?)

Once you're there down in every chord'n'corner, you can change name to Mister Homefree. .


Thank you gents...

Cowboy... what should I look for regarding the basement tapes? Any specific Dylan tunes?


Try This Wheel's on Fire - strong stuffff

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Real nice Sal, real nice. I really enjoyed the tune and your delivery, but Im finally starting to like that new Bird of yours. Have to admit in previous recordings I felt that guitar sounded not all that inspiring, but here she sounds full, rich and very Birdy. [thumbup]

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