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Folks - just a funny story. The weather finally broke this week, warm enough to open the windows, let some fresh air in etc...


Anyways - the last 4 days or so we've been chasing a noise, sounds like feedback or something (loud too, not just in the background). Turned every piece of electronic equipment off (amps, speakers, TVs, video games....), then unplugged them all etc. Checked the basement, upstairs, downstairs - outside - still no luck. Then about 10:00 last night - my oldest found it. We had a uke on the window sill, when the wind blew just right , it went across the sound hole and created the noise.


Mystery noises do seem to appear, anyone have any stories?

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Hanging around my favorite little music store, whenever the air handlers kicked in the guitars hanging on the wall would come to life. At least that is how the owner of the place explained it. I say, no way, it was spooks.

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That’s funny!


No spooks but I had a couple of real mystery noises coming from a guitar when recording (at home).


A couple of my tracks have it - a bit of a ping from the tuner/headstock area, probably the end of a string curled out of the peg and just touching a string between the nut and peg. No drama but add a splash of reverb on the mixer and it sounds like ‘a phone starting to ring but you are not sure because you have your headphones on with the recording playing’. Tricky!


But when I was about 11 or 12 years old, my brother and I went to a friend’s house a couple of times at night and his sadist mother would tell spook stories...and we would have to walk home in the dark country road, nervy but putting on a brave face.....one night, we got to a corner with scrubby bushes and there was all this scary rustling sounds. Brother and I launched our rockets to Mars, let me tell you! Then this little terrier dog came out and smiled at us! We sure didn’t go back to hear that creepy woman’s stories anymore, let me tell you. What a freak! And cruel! Scaring the kiddies, eh?




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Twenty years ago, middle of the night Mrs40 and I sound asleep. Phone rings on nightstand next to me. I pick it up and there is nothing. No dial tone, no noise at all. Perfect silence. Unusual. But, I was still half asleep so I just hung it up and went back to sleep. After 5 minutes it rang again. I picked it up - again no dial tone or any of the kind of noise those old 'land line' phones always had. Irritated I hung up and lay there. Trying to go back to sleep. Then I heard 'drip'. . . 'drip' . . .'drip'. Knowing our bathroom sink didn't leak - I started to wake up completely. Checked the sink and the shower. Nothing. Headed back to bed. Drip ... drip .... drip.

Coming from the closet in our bedroom ?! I went in and reached for the pull string to turn on the overhead light. Something told me not to. I backed out and turned on the bedroom light. There was a large puddle in our closet. The source of the water - a leak coming out of the ceiling, right down through the light fixture and down the string. Had I turned it on - I would have had a shock. Feet wet - hand wet.

The mystery unfolded further. I went to our second floor and into the attic space to find the leak. It was a hole in the water pipe leading into the water heater. The hold was due to the arcing of a short circuited electrical wire laying across the steel gas line. The electricity was coursing along the gas line up to the water heater and arcing across to the copper water pipe! I turned Everything off and called repairmen in the morning.

They told me it was a miracle the electricity didn't set the gas off and blow the top floor off our house. Our youngest son's bed was on the other side of the wall and he shared the room with another son. Plus, our other two children's bedrooms were close by.

We never have been able to figure out how the phone happened to ring. And how it came to ring a second time. And why it didn't ring again after I woke up.

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I live in a rural area and when the sun goes down and there's no moon, it's as black as the deep emptiness of outer space. On those nights we often hear things. But once we heard something truly... weird.


One evening my son's friend, (we'll call him Jack to protect his identity) walked out onto the back deck on the way to his car. It was just him and I as my son was lagging, probably had to go to the bathroom for the 40th time that day. Right as we get to the end of the deck we hear heavy foot falls that started at one of my trees and faded away into the uninhabited area that borders our land.


Jack says, "was that a deer?"

I said, "if that was a deer it was running on only two legs and weighed 500 pounds."


Several days later I scared several deer away and heard them run. Completely different sound. Not nearly as heavy and deer have distinctive four-legged foot falls.


The next week Jack came over again and we got on the subject of that noise again. My son said it was a Bigfoot. I just raised my eyebrows and offered no contradiction to his theory. I mean, what else would run on two feet and sound like it weight as much as The Rock carrying Mike Tyson on his shoulders? And it was fast. It got 70 yards in what seemed like way too few steps to have been a human.


I haven't heard it ever again. I hear deer and coyotes and owls though. I shoulda looked for tracks. Didn't think of it until much too late.

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