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Hapy Halloween!

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Barely a dozen kids in two hours. Lame-o Halloween again.




the town where we live, it's a little Mayberry kind of town. they do a lot for the kids. every Halloween they have a Halloween party & costume contest at the baseball field which is diagonally across the street from our house. so everyone starts trick or treating on the opposite end of town and slowly work their way towards the ball field. and we're the last house they hit. right there on the corner. we get an easy 200 kids.

we have the spooky music playing. I set a tv on the porch playing old horror movies. our dogs on the porch checking everything out. it's fun.

but a lot of kids seem a little lackadaisical about it. when I was a kid Halloween was my one shot at loading up with candy. my buddies & I would run from house to house.

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