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$1,200 for a tailpiece...

Tim Plains

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Oh please this mojo 5hit has got to stop. There is nothing special about that item. My studio has one also' date=' looks exactly the same. So what if it came off a 59, how do you prove it? Word of mouth? COA, nope.... There is no way to prove it and if someone actually buys that thing I have some slightly flooded land in the less developed areas of Mississippi (read and swamp) that I would love to sell them.[/quote']



actually... you're wrong.

this one is made out of a different material than yours an weighs much less... thus affeting the sound. but that's not even the real point. people buy these to put back onto a real late 50s guitar to make it complete after some alteration. if you have a guitar that's worth 5 or 6 digits and the only thing it needs to be complete is the right tailpiece then it's worth it.... especially when it comes time to sell.

as for proving it? that's pretty easy too.... material, shape, tooling marks, etc.

as for that particular one, i'm not sure it is from '59 and this sort of thing should be bought in person so it can be inspected.

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I'm no expert in Spanish.. but isn't C-U-L-O a bad word? Sucky bad word filter.


CULO... yep' date=' it blocks it. O:) [/quote']


Yep, CUL0 is like "a$$" but in a very very rude way... like when you say "te voy a romper el cul0" which means "I'm going to rip your ***"

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