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Song Association Game....


It's a little like the song game, but the rules are looser and it will give you a chance to be more creative.


One rule: Follow the song posted with an associated song.




You could use a word or more from either the Song title or the Artist's name.


For example:

Sherry - The Four Seasons could be followed by

The Four Seasons - Vivaldi




Or a related concept:


Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody could be followed by

Highway Star - Deep Purple since they both are about fast cars.





Or something in the lyrics (but please post the lyric line).


Let's Go Get Stoned - Ray Charles could be followed by

Rainy Day Women No 12 & 35 - Bob Dylan

(lyrics = Everybody must get stoned)




Or any other association. If the association isn't obvious, please explain it so we all can get it.


Try not to post repeats, but it's OK if you do -- it's only a game and we aren't keeping score.


Why am I posting a new game? I keep screwing up the old song game because I'm used to playing a song association game somewhere else (Epi Wiki).


So I'll start the new game with:


Lullaby of the Leaves - The Ventures (though they were definitely not the first)

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Well' date=' if I may clarify matters, this is slightly different : the word 'Association' in the thread is all-important.


Never Use ALL CAPS. One of the pitfalls of Internet communication is that people can't read your tone of voice or intention beyond what you say on the forum or message board. When you type in all CAPS' date=' reader interpret your tone as yelling because that is common for people who fail to use sentence case. So put in the extra effort to create sentences in sentence case or, if you don't have the time or inclination, write in all lowercase letters instead. This is still annoying but it won't make people as angry as all CAPS.[/quote']


Not a hard-and-fast rule but a useful guideline nonetheless.

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Well' date=' if I may clarify matters, this is slightly different : the word [b']'Association'[/b] in the thread is all-important.


Yes and thank you.


Here's the difference - in the other game:


Post: Louis Armstrong - "When The Saints Go Marching In"


Was followed by this response: "Carnival of the Animals (Le Carnaval des Animaux) - Camille Saint-Saëns


And then followed by the following flame:


This is a song game right, not a songwriter game? Back OT....


"Go Motherf%cker Go" Nashville *****


Because this is a song association game, you can use a word from the artist or a general concept like the song Highway from Hell might be associated with the song Devil's Gun. That would be illegal in the other song game, and I got flamed and PM'd for making associations like that.


So this game is different. And because associations are allowed, it is less restrictive, and open to more creativity.


If you don't want to play, it's OK, if you do, that's OK too. It's all just a waste of time and it's all just for fun.


Since pippy mentioned association, here is my next entry:


Along Comes Mary - The Association

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