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St Pats Is A Big Day For..............


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Making money while having fun and sharing it with good people.


Tonight makes my sixth St Patty party this year (I do one-nighters and offer my clients a deal if they do the party on a day other than the actual holiday). We call it our annual "Patty Melt".


So far the first 5 have been a blast. We mix a few "Irish" songs for the people to sing along with, then get on with regular dance music.


I wish every month had a St. Patty day type holiday!!!


Our 3 biggest months are December (Christmas), February (Valentine's) and March (Patty Melt), and I am delighted to have the opportunity to perform so many gigs in those 3 months.



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Be careful with the green beer. Many establishments are using inferior green dyes from China or Bangladesh and as a result many excessive beer drinkers end up puking up their corned beef into said green beer. Be sure to check and see if you are getting good ol' American green dye.

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I'm a recovering Guinness Addict.

This is the worst day of my life.

Have you seen any of the morning shows? Everyone of them had the hosts either cooking with Guinness or drinking Guinness.

Big' date=' tall pitchers of Guinness.

I'm going off the wagon.

See you later.[/quote']


I'm with you there Guinness is the only booze I still get cravings for. However in the past thinking I could have one would always lead to Bushmills than to being an a$$ hole then a fight then waking up late for work then a hang over then trying to start over again being sober. Oh well.:-##-o[-X

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