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Hello Folks - New to guitar - LG-2AE received


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Recently purchased a new LG-2AE.  Love the size love the tone.  Was a little disappointed that there is a flaw that looks like a manufacturing flaw and not store damage.  Looks like a finish issue where the body meet the neck.  Also the binding looks compressed or sanded down att he same location.  That might be normal for guitar construction for all I know.    I did buy the guitar sight unseen online.  I've decided to live with the flaw based on loving the tone.  I exchanged a high end Ukulele once on principle for a slight imperfection.  The one that came back was perfect in every way but didn't sound anywhere near as good as the one I gave up.  Lesson learned.  No plans of flipping this, it's a keeper.  I am sure it will be dinged up at least slightly soon enough.  This does sort of validate some of what I've read about Gibsons QC.  


So once again, hello everyone.  Happy playing.






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Always liked the Gibson LG concert size and it’s shape!   When I was first learning the guitar as a kid, my older brother had a 1961 or 62 LG3 (a natural version of the sunburst  LG2, like the LG2AE is) that as a kid I would play more than my older brother  ever realized I did.   I now have a 1965 LG1 and a 1965 Epiphone FT30 Caballero (the Kalamazoo made Epiphone version of the Gibson LG0) in my collection, that both have the LG shape and size.



QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff



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Congrats.  I have not owned an LG2 (although your guitar will always be an LG3 to me)  in a lot of years.  Last one that lived with me was  a '46.  Traded it away for a '57 CF-100 which then went towards a '32  L1.  Stood pat with that one ever since.  But about two years ago I was sorely tempted to re-enter the fold when I ran across a '44 maple body LG2 at a small guitar show.  Had the seller been set up to take plastic (it was a Sunday so the banks were closed) that guitar would be sitting here now.      

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14 hours ago, Dave F said:

Nice guitar. I thought the last ones made were in 2018. What year is yours? 

Thanks--It is a 2018.  Apparently it was hanging on the wall for a couple of years.  Got a killer deal on it compared to the model being offered today.

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The ONLY guitar out of the hundreds I have owned and let go of that I still miss to this day was a 1960 LG-2.  The LG-2AE is a special guitar, even if it does look like an LG-2 with a prewar headstock, and every one I have heard I have liked.  They remain at the top of my list of guitars I would like to buy to accompany my beloved J-45, possibly even ahead of the newer, more expensive ones brought out this year.

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