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Bribing Santa


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In exchange for a six pack of beer and a corn dog he brought me a Bug Eyed Monster.

A Triumph, just not one from the 70s.

You know you're getting old when you put the baffle in the muffler because the damned thing's too loud...






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A bribe.

Why didn't I ever think of that?


Fantastic, Steve, I rode for several decades when I was a younger man. Now and then I think I'd like to have a bike again, even if just a smaller 350/500, something to putter around town.

Heck yea.

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Speed Triple? Damn, that's like 170hp isn't it?

I had an Aprilia 750 that was maybe 90hp, felt like I could barely hang onto it when it was in sport mode.

With the onset of arthritis I switched to a cruiser style Softail.

The Aprilia had that same angular street fighter look your Triumph has, I like it.

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