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Lordy it's cold here on the coast!  Whew!  This old house from the early 20s is a bit drafty and not insulated so well........probably not insulated at all.  Big leaky original windows and drafty doors......woooo!  Suppose to warm to near 50 today.........the deep freeze is passing.

Here's a short demo of the J-185, recorded on an iPhone so the audio is probably a bit sketchy.  The speakers are blown on my laptop and the sound is kind of fuzzy on playback.........can't attest to the audio quality here, which is a sad fact since this is an audio demo.  It is, however, obvious that the low end does not translate well here..........the bottom seems to be missing in this clip.  The guitar came to me with wood bridge pins which I intend to change for bone soon.  The saddle appears to be the bone original but being the tinkerer I am I'll be experimenting with others.

I must say, having not played an acoustic instrument for close to three years, the transition from Telecaster to J-185 has proven to be daunting.  Different scale, heavier strings, higher action.......different beast all together.  It'll settle itself sooner or later................


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I'm sure this already great sounding guitar will rise to stellar heights once you tweak it, and it warms up !   You're right - probably no insulation.  We had a house in Central Mass built in 1917 - had stucco outside, plaster inside with NEWSPAPER 'insulation' in between.  Needless to say, it was old and deteriorated. 

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