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  1. That was nicely done, very nice! If I could sing like you, I would consider myself a star! Thats a beautiful looking and sounding guitar. Thanks for sharing!
  2. That was nice! Thanks for posting.
  3. I’m 72 years of age with the usual aches and pains. Arthritis, bad knees and back. But, I did receive my new L-00 Standard Vintage Burst two weeks ago, and life is good! I don’t know if my skills will ever warrant this guitar, but, I’m enjoying the journey!
  4. In April I ordered a L-00 Standard Vintage Burst from Sweetwater with the understanding they were out of stock, but, on order. I was told that delivery could possibly be in May, but, most likely June. I gave my card number which would not be charged until I received said guitar. That insured I was on the list. I received the guitar on the 13th of this month and was thrilled! They apparently received 3 of them and one was already marked sold! That one was mine. I love that little guitar!
  5. I would just leave it as is and continue to play it. In time, it will take on a vintage look which will be far better than any faux enhancement. I don’t care for the relic’ed finish on new guitars, nor do I care for purposely relic’ed old guitars. Just an opinion from an old man, oops, I mean honestly relic’ed man!
  6. I pre-ordered the above from Sweetwater about 2 weeks ago and was told delivery could possibly be in May, but, most likely June. Just received a call and it should be in my possession Tuesday or Wednesday! I am geeked!
  7. NGD’s are great, especially when the are unintended! Enjoy the beauty.
  8. I have never heard of straight up strings. I’ll have to do a search.
  9. Got into guitar late, 72 now. Been playing on my own for 2 years. Back room hacker, but enjoying the journey. Awaiting arrival of a L-00 Standard Vintage Burst that’s on preorder from Sweetwater, which will be my first Gibson. Hope that baby sounds as sweet as it looks!
  10. I like 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.
  11. I have pre-ordered an L-00 Standard Vintage Burst from Sweetwater and it will be my first Gibson. I know strings are a subjective thing, but I was wondering what strings have worked for other L-00 owners. I am 72 years of age and my skills are somewhat limited (but improving), and I like blues, along with finger style. I look forward to the arrival of my guitar which will most likely be June. Gassing badly for this little beauty! Thanks in advance for any opinions.
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