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2010 J45 TV FS

Mr. Paul

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Some of you may recognize this monster TV.

A fabulous J45 on all fronts ... Tone, looks and playability.  Excellent+ condition.

A real gem, but I play the wider nuts significantly better ... so here we go.

$2850 shipped USA


J50 style pick guard
K&K mini pickup
Hiscox ivory case
strap button

Action is dialed in, 4/64 and 5.5/64, plenty of saddle. Freshly strung with D'addario EJ16s.

Experienced shipper.

Link to Flickr photo album with photos



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  • Mr. Paul changed the title to 2010 J45 TV FS

A tempting move with the price drop. . . just something about the first digit being a $3_ _ _ that throws me off the trail anymore these days. A nice looking TV, and Sal provenance ? ! 😀. How are the frets on this 2010? And-  what happened to the TV case? 


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Frets show very minimal wear.

And yes, Sal and I have been moving this one back and forth for a couple years.  I finally decided I play the wider nuts much better. I wish this one had the neck of the Custom Historic SJ that was in house for a while.

I like the Cali case, but this is my first experience with the Hiscox and it is much lighter, very nice.

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On 1/27/2024 at 2:24 AM, Mr. Paul said:

She was a Jersey girl

Who went out west

And came home again

Loving both the best

Wherever she lived

Always stayed True

If you're lucky enough

She might stay with you

Well, that wouldn’t be Pattie Boyd!

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14 hours ago, MorristownSal said:

Naaa. Moved on.

Okay, clear - I shortly considered to rebuy a 1984 Lemon Grove Taylor 510 last year. Sold it some 10 years ago, , , was re-interested in the model and look it up on the local web-market.                                                                            BANG, , , there was my former LGT - couldn't believe it and had to contact the seller. He sold it while I stunned contemplated what to do. . 

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I’ve just simplified a bunch of stuff…. Home ==> Guitars.

I currently have my 15 year old Martin D15, a Martin 000 Custom Cherry Hill… like an 000-28 with Cherry back and sides, and a Cheap Gibson G-45 that I’m really enjoying doing custom things to.

And I’m spending a great amount of time trying to get good on the mandolin.

oh and I have a Squier Strat and a Mexican Tele.






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