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OTHER forums - Jeez.....


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So, I was under the impression I was banned at LPF and MLP for good.

I'll be the first to admit I earned it...

(I got tired of the idjit Mod Squad so I went after 'em at MyLesPaul. That bridge is still burnin'!!!)


Axe mentioned to me the other day that I was not banned at one of them, can't remember which.

Yeah, okay, whatever....


So in my email yesterday, I get a Happy Birthday wish from MLP.

Seriously, check it out;


From: My Les Paul Forums [webmaster@mylespaul.com]


Hello NeoConMan,


We at My Les Paul Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!




Wow, that's awfully sweet of 'em.

Guess I oughtta go check out the forum to see what's up.


So I go to the site and log in.

This is what I see;


Sorry. The administrator has banned your IP address. To contact the administrator click here


Go figure.

I sent them an email about this some time ago, never got a reply of course.

So I sent them another one today.


Wonder if anything will change?




On a happier note, I found that I can get into The Les Paul forum, but my access is restricted.


When I tried to go to the Backstage Area - like The Lounge here - I was not allowed.

Looks like there's a money problem.

I haven't given them any. (Learned my lesson about contributing money to a web forum the hard way...)


Anyhow, the index page now reads;


Backstage Area ~ Off Topic

Subscribed members only.


To subscribe to Classifieds/Backstage, click on the "User CP" text link at top of page, then " Paid Subscriptions".




Ah, yes....

Let's see, you give your money to this guy, then that guy over there becomes a Mod and doesn't like you.

Then the next message you get is something like "You're banned, and we do not refund contributions."


What a twisted world we live in....






Besides, all the petty childish bickering and "Hey, look at me!!!" posts over there aren't really what I'm after.

I can get that at work.


The Gibson forum ROCKS!!!

Our fine Mods here rock too, Guitarest especially!



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Well the Mods will say it depends on your behaviour.


I disagree.

To me, it depends on the Mod Squad's behaviour.


I have no problem calling it like I see it.

If a Mod is an idiot, well then....







Stiffhand, they're so eager to take your money but....

Hey, I vote with my wallet.


And CM, I have been banned here - a couple of times.

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Yeah, Saturn.

I've had some extra-curricular dealings with a few of those Mods.

I can tell you there's some petty posturing and ego-feeding that goes on there....



99% have been well behaved' date=' since the new rules posted. Yes there have been a few little situations but all things considered it has been very pleasant here lately (knocking on wood)[/quote']

Couldn't do it without you Jocko!

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Happy birthday my friend and I'm glad you're still on the ONE and ONLY true Gibson forum. Since it'll be 11 years before you have another birthday with the same two digits' date=' I think you owe it to yourself to splurge a bit and get a 1965 ES-335 TD like this one:




Man, that was rude.....


I can't believe rocketman would tempt Neo with a suggestion of a guitar to buy......


You should be ashamed, rocket....



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