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Why don't you come say howdy?

Howdy where?


Does your husband know about this?

You know, running around in the wee hours of the morning inviting men you don't know....


Is he allowed into the forum as well, or is it just you there and he's banned?

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If you find it boring here.....

.....go someplace less boring.


No need for you to suffer boredom by hanging around,

not to try and impose your ideas of "Not Boring" on this place.


Seems to have been swinging along quite nicely of late.

We talk music and stuff.

We enjoy it.


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Funny when people tell everyone how bored they are' date=' knowing the rest of us could give two sh!ts about it.[/quote']



I think the lamest part of it all is that, you (we) all replied.


If no one gives a rats *** about it why reply?




There are 2 kinds of people in the world.


1st: the ones that just ignore anyone that comes looking for a fight.


2nd: the a$$holes that pick fights.



Me? I'll be the first to say it, I'm an a$$hole.

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