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I've told the story here several times, but here goes....


She lives in Tucson, Arizona - about 150 miles from me.


I found a Peavey T-40 bass on Ebay, it was in a store down there so I took a drive.

At the store, there was a pierced slacker college dude named Petie Ronstadt.


I decided to buy the bass, and as the transaction took place I asked about a relationship.

He mumbled something indecipherable about being a nephew of some sort.


I told him she had an amazing voice, it's her politics that show how bad she has her head up her ***.

He wasn't amused.




Hope he told her about it too.





Just a few months before this, she had done a rare (sold out if I recall) concert appearance in Tucson.

Understand, as much as they view themselves as a progressive college town, there's a lot of

military there, not to mention retirees with lotsa money who are a bit more conservative.


During this concert, she went on a Dixie Chicks-style anti-Bush/anti-war tirade from the stage.

Her fatal mistake?

She started running her mouth too early in the show.


People started walking out - and noticed the box office was still open.

As the venue was busy refunding the price of hundreds of tickets, people walked out en masse.



The whole thing got barely a mention on the news.

Seems nobody in the media wants to talk about such things.

Neither did her nephew...



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Yes I really like Linda Ronstadt. She's had some incredible musicians in her band over the years . . . Kenny Edwards' date=' Andrew Gold, Waddy Wachtel, Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel, Dan Dougmore . . . . the list goes on![/quote']



I believe The Eagles sprouted from one of her backing bands.

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So' date=' let me try to understand. You're not a democrat?[/quote']

That's a fair assumption.


So, by your username I could presume you prefer to roll your own... um.... whatever?

Saves money, eh?




Oh yeah, I remember in the late seventies thinking she was some kinda hottie!!!

Even with her obvious lack of .... um..... thingies.



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