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Pup question

Gibson CS

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Yes' date=' I know it says treble & rhythm.

My LP Standard when looking up my pups on the output chart says

Burstbucker Pro ( Neck )


Burstbucker Pro ( Bridge ).....Not R & T




I was just joking...I hope I didn't come off as a smart a...


Thundergod..good one..your keyboard has Chinese characters too?

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in a couple of years youll be glad you did... it is after all the most spoken language in the world... more chinamen than all the other ethnicities together... they will take over the world ONE GIBSON AT A TIME... you better be prepared!


now really if you ever happen to get into the world of international bussiness, chinese/mandarin is a must!

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My wife doesn't do that.... no Honeydo lists. She says if I can't remember what needs doing, then I can make my own list LOL!


And she talks about how beautiful my FIRST Les Paul is....




BTW... she is GASsing for me to get the blue/silver Robot Guitar. She thinks they are gorgeous....



I think I'll keep her.

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