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the "les paul friendly gear" thread


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Hi folks, as there´s been a lot of threads of guys/gals asking info about other gear (specially amps) i thought it would be fine to have a "gibson les paul compatible gear" thread.


Some people think "marshalls and gibsons" are the way to go... (mars and gibs, fenders and fenders, wicks with voxes) but in my experience its not that way... some cant believe that, for example, iron maiden relies mainly on "fenders and marshalls" as they say in every "the recording of..." video. Slash, well known for using mainly his les pauls with marshalls uses oranges and even (seen this once and thought i was on something else) a classic vox. Les Paul doesnt use a stock "les paul" as his main guitar... and so on...


So, maybe we can share our experiences with our wonderful guitars here, and contribute to the rest of the users that are looking to buy something for their Paul or a paul for their current gear.


If the mods are reading this, please comment on wether this thread is posible or not, and if it isnt asking too much, maybe it could become a sticky as it would help a lot of newcomers (people´s main reason to visit this forums is knowledge about what goes ok with their guitar or rig and what doesnt).


Best wishes to all of you friends, hope you enjoy your Les Pauls and share your experiences with all of us!



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Accordingly, i´ll start:


I have owned/used a lot of gear in, like, 25 years... and havent been as happy with my setup as i am now (may/2008), so this is my current setup:




- 2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded in honney burst... best guitar i've owned (i like her better than guitars costing more than 2K ive owned), burstbuckers kick @ss!


- backup: armed to the teeth epiphone special II (lots of mods).




- Vox AC30 cc2x 2x12... never heard a nicer clean tone, ive owned lots of solid state and tube and none of them had this clean and crunch tone (tube fenders, roland jc120, tube marshalls, tube and s.s. peaveys, randalls). The endless reverb takes a little time to get used to, but once you get it where you like it, youll never have to worry again. It even has a reverb tone control, so playing with a darker axe (sg standard) isnt an issue.




- Marshall the guv'nor plus (II)... pure marshall tone when a gibson is played through it to a clean tube amp... but a pain with solid state amps and single coils IMO.


- boss metal zone... some hate this pedal, some love it, never heard an "in the middle" opinion... pure high gain pedal... again, i like it when used through a tube amp, and a les paul, i used with single coils it can get too noisy.


- boss dd20 gigadelay: sound on sound cappabilities, more delay time than you would need... very good with a les paul, i actually like a lot how the fat "burstbucking tone" works with this.


- boss tu2 (well a tuner should work ok with any guitar regardless of she been a les paul from gibson or not, but they are funnier when playing a lester!)




I also own some more guitars, pedals and amps that i just dont use but will test drive for anyone wanting an oppinion of how they behave with a gibson les paul, but the rig listed above is what im using now, everything else i dont even look at... im a very simple guy, dont like having too many options to make bad a good tone (if it aint broken dont fix it).


overdrive, super overdrive, distortion, turbo distortion, phaser, flanger, chorus, super chorus, chorus ensemble, auto wah: all from boss (very good boss dealer over here, good stock and low prices). Electro harmonix metal muff (with top boost), morley bad horsie 1 wah, vox wah, dunlop crybaby wah, mxr compressor, visual sound liquid chorus/echo pedal, visual sound jeckyll and hyde pedal (great distortion/od pedal but i like it better with guitars without personality (i.e. jacksons and ibanez).


Same old pics, i know... will try to take new pics this weekend.



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Great thread, thanks.


I'm afraid my history won't be as long:

I had a Mexican Strat that I sold when I got my "07 Les Paul standard. Right now it's played trhough a Fender cyber twin, but in the next month I plan on getting an AC30.


P.S. what kind of pedal board is that?

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I don't have a Les Paul yet (later this year i'll have one) but i do have a ibanez (rg5ex1), that is surprisingly good. Anyways, as some of you may know, i got a valve junior a little while a go and every time i go to Guitar Center and plug in a Les Paul, it is amazing. Right now i just have my ibanez through a dunlop crybaby wah and a electro harmonics pocket metal muff. I'm gonna get rid of the metal muff because it seems too geared towards heavy metal, cant really get a good tone from it, and i'll be getting the marshall guv'nor instead.

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Current gear:


Les Pauls - R9, Custom, Standard, BFG.

SGs - Standard, Special GOTW 32.

ES-335 Block Inlay.

A&L acoustic.

Fender Squire Strat.

Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 w/cabs A & B.

Fender Blues Jr.

Dunlop Dimebag Crybaby wah.



Past gear:


SG Special.

MIM Strat.


I think Gibson + Marshall is the way to go....my DSL is phenomenal. Best sounding amp I've heard...frick'n better be for the price I paid!

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Oh' date=' all the gear. This is a good chunk of it.



Seeing the banjo in your family portrait just made me snicker. First, this is not a bust on you or banjos, but; this last weekend my son and I were wondering around a mom and pop guitar shop and saw this pair of guys who were probably in their late thirties or early fourties dressed in bib overalls and in real need of a dentist (I'm not making this up) playing all of the banjos they had on the floor. The part that really made me take notice was that while they were looking at the banjos, they were asking about pedals and effects for the banjo, and were highly offended when the salesman gave them the WTF look when he told them they did not have anything like that.


I swear these two looked like they just walked off of the set of Deliverance. Anyway, it just made me laugh.


der der der der der der der der der (sorry I don't know how to tab this)


PS nice looking family. O:)

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Oh' date=' all the gear. This is a good chunk of it. [/quote']


not all... just the current (what you use most often) and some tips as to make it work best with your lesters!


Nice guitars by the way... how do they get along with that de ville? i think thats one of the most popular tube amps this days isnt it?


edit: Wait a minute... man you play the banjo??? awesome! have any youtube videos of you playing it?

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Gibson stuff.






Note SG 12 string...



Tube amps;

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 2x12 (60 watts)

Fender Blues Junior (15 watts)

1981 Marshall JCM 800 full stack (100 BIG watts)



Peavey Musician 400 solid state amp from the seventies with 4x12 cab.

Crate B200 XL bass amp with 2x15 cab.


The only pedal I own is a Boss TU 2 tuner.


Other stuff in the link below.

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Hmmm. From the guitar to the amp:


Morely Power/Wah/Volume, Boss Phase Shifter PH-3, Compression/Sustain CS-3, Metal Zone MT2, Chorus Ensemble CE-5, Pitch Shifter PS-5, Digital Delay DD-6 (20 wasn't available) all on a BCB-60 pedal board.... stereo out to the amps..... a Marshall MG15 DFX and an Eden Nemesis N-8.


I mostly use the Morely, the MT-2, DD-6. With the LP. The pedals are there for "flavor" when required. The Pitch Shifter is set up as a whammy bar right now (2 octave drop). When I went from the Strat to the LP, I found I didn't have to run the levels as high to get good tone.


On the amps, I run the N-8 to boost the low end I lose using a small speaker in the Marshall. I run the MG15 on the clean channel, and will vary the EQ depending on the sound (scooped mids, etc). The biggest difference I have noticed, tho, is having to cut the bass on the N-8 EQ. While the Strat LOVED that extra low end, it really muddies up the LP. I run the mids flat (or cut) and the treble at about 1:00, with the bass cut to the 9:00 position.

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Yeah, I tell you one lesson I've learned.

Collecting is the EASY part!!!!


Seriously, as long as you got a little cash to spend now and then.....



Now, actually learning how to play well enough to do fine guitars justice?

That's the HARD part.


Aw, screw it.

I'm just a collector from now on!

I can live with the shame....




I started getting back into guns again, so my disposable income is reducing available space in my safe.

Sorry, no pics of that stuff...

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These :



Into this :



The H2O is for sale, will be replaced by a BBE Mind Bender and MXR Carbon Copy. Pedalboard is in constant state of flux...


Into one of these :

Marshall 2203x

Marshall DSL100

Laney GH100L

2 Marshall 1960 cabs


Other guitars :

2 Jackson Soloists

2 Classic Series Fender Strats

4 Carvins

3 Deans

1 Epiphone

1 Takamine

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What I've recently learned.

I've only been playing for 4 or 5 years and in the beginning I played the drive channel of my amp or the clean channel with an od pedal for the dirty stuff.

Than I got a Dr. Z Maz 18 and that all changed. It's a single channel master volume amp that works well with single coils or buckers. Now I play with the volume up to the edge of breaking up and turn the master volume down to a tolerable level. Then for the dirty stuff I kick on a Keeley Java Boost and that's tone heaven. Or a slight turn of the guitars volume knob cleans everything up nicely.



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i have to disagree... i own a peavey head that for some reason doesnt get along with my pual... dont know why... if i use a strat it sounds great (clean-dist) and if i use a parker (fly deluxe) it sounds awesome! either clean or distd. but with my les paul it just sounds like the crap it is (you can buy this head at 100 on ebay imagine that... ).


my morley bad horsie wah doesnt seem to work as nice as my vox wah with my les paul either... but with an ibanez s series guitar... it works just fine... maybe some things arent les paul friendly: their mistake.

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my morley bad horsie wah doesnt seem to work as nice as my vox wah with my les paul either... but with an ibanez s series guitar... it works just fine... maybe some things arent les paul friendly: their mistake.


Not sure what I did but I didn't care for the LP/Morely wah tone either when I first tried it. I have tweaked around a bit on my amp settings and guitar tone settings and now it fairly wails though it (and my Strat sounds like crap hahahah!)

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