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I have the fret board and truss rod, so can I build a neck thru ?


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I have aquired a few parts that can be salvaged that I would like to attempt

to use to build a neck thru guitar. I plan to use the three piece neck construction method

I have seen used except I will have the neck all the way to the base of the body.


Now the type of neck wood might be important. I have some old bed parts that may be mahogany,

or I could get some oak from the hardware store.

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Whatever kind of wood you use' date=' you probably will want to wrap the neck with friction tape to lessen the chance of splintering. Like they do with a hockey stick.





Allows for a better grip so your hand will not slide easy on the neck.

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How is this thread a joke? Where's the cat?:-


Thread is no joke ......the cat shows up too


OK I got some bed rails that are mahogany that were in my shed.




Got the template for my angles.



Cut the rough shape



Got me some Tight Bond 3



Clamped it up after the cat's inspection



I guess I need to wait a bit for the next steps


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