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Is this real?

The Breeze

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4 red flags for me, watch out.


1 - hiding the headstock, no good close up pic


2 - center of neck volume knob should be lower than the stop posts, it's straight on line or slightly higher


3 - the pup ring screws usually flat top and counter sunk


4 - no reserve

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1 big red flag for me. Enter the serial no. & les paul into google and it comes up with 4 other guitars for sale/auction over the last couple of years with the same number. Reported to ebay.

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The overall shape of the Les Paul has remained reliteviely unchanged and VERY consistant for the past 50+ years (with the exception of a few choice examples from the '70s-early '80s). So being able to tell the difference between them and obvious fakes, isn't exactly "rocket science".


If you can tell wich of these cutaway shots is the real Gibson, you're already an expert, because each one of these examples is a signature of the build quality of their respective makers:







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