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When your Guitars are alone........


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Where do you keep them? I have mine hanging on the wall using String Slings. It keeps them away from the kids, etc. I've been doing it that way for some time, but I just wanted to know if anyone has ever encountered problems. I know that there can sometimes be issues with humidity changes and acoustic guitars, but what about the electrics?

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I try to keep mine in their cases... But the next thing you know, they're all standing around the room.. There's something about having the "accessible" that prevents me from putting them back in the case... I do get concerned about my hollow, semi hollow, and acoustic when the air's excessively dry (like now) and when it's excessively humid in the summer time...

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Mine our on stands in our bedroom (Epi LP, Epi AJ acoustic, gigbags only). Have had no problem with humidity or lackthereof to date (I never used my case back in the day, either, with my old electric....never had any issues). But as someone noted, I'd imagine it'd be more of an issue with an acoustic, given the thinness of the wood and much more surface area exposed to the air, etc. I like having them out on the stands, as they're within easy reach and I play more than I likely would if I had to unpack them from a case or whatever.

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When my guitars are alone, they gently weep ... then when I pick them up they are like a puppy dog wagging their imaginary tails and saying, "Oh boy! Let's play! Oh boy! Let's play! Oh boy! Let's play!"


Seriously, I keep one hanging on the wall, and two on stands. I do not have any little critters at home to worry about.


I live in Florida, and an an evironmentalist concerned about my carbon footprint, I do not use the air conditioner. So when the temperature is above 70 (which is about 350 days of the year) the windows are open. When winter cold snaps come around, the house gets closed up and the heater goes on (I'm a cold weather wimp).


The humidity fluctuates, humid in the day and dry at night for most of the year. I have had my Gibson ES-330 for about 30 years, and other than some pitting on the chrome pieces and some checking on the lacquer (which is normal for a 1970 guitar) hanging on the wall in a non-air-conditioned house hasn't seemed to harm it any (see photo below)




When I take them to the gig, they go in a hard-sided flight case (SKB or Gator). I've never liked soft-sided gig bags for either my guitars, saxophones, wind synthesizers or keyboards. I want as much protection for them while in transit as I can reasonably give them.


When I do have to fly with them, I send them on ahead via UPS or FedEx, as they seem to handle the freight much gentler than the passenger airlines. I usually address them to the nearest facility to the airport and have them marked, "Hold for pickup". I've not had any damage that way.


I just got done with an hour of practice, and I can hear the other guitars (the ones I didn't play today) weeping. Please tell them to stop, there is only one of me, I'll play another one tomorrow and try not to let them know I have favorites :-)


Insights and incites by Notes

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Hardshell cases. Always. That way they are safe from:



Spilled beverages

Flying drumsticks (or pieces thereof)

Falling microphone stands

Being knocked over

Being bumped into


Temperature changes

Humidity changes


Ultraviolet light (it can and will fade pigments in the finish)

Rubber stand parts (will damage lacquer finishes over time)

Wall hangers (will cause impressions and/or discoloration over time)


So far it seems to have prevented spontaneous combustion as well!

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