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is it?


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Every guitar is the same price.

Theres a Black Beauty and an S310 (SG-310?) bot are the same price?

Seems kinda odd to me.

I did a WHOIS SEARCH (NETWORKSOLUTIONS) on that domain name. Came up with nothing.

Did a google search.

Came up with this page (one of the 3 results) : http://www.reranch.com/reranch/viewtopic.php?t=19629&sid=090b2760e7453567c8064ed3b9e3c9b8


The email address seems suspicious (among other things) : www.gibson.org.cn@hotmail.com

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"Nothing on there is real, it's a .cn site.


Hello, McFly......"


no sh*t, sherlock, as the saying goes...


rotcanx made the point that the site was using photos of "real" epiphones to fish for buyers...I made the point that

the joe pass photo doesn't even show a real one based on the fixed TOM bridge...

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I thought they were pretty obvious copys.. going by price alone.. of course.. you figure that was in pounds.. and the shipping would be severe.

but hey they make you happy good luck deal, sailor boy!

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