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HNGD Gibson BFG! My pics added later in the thread!


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Hey i just purchased a second hand gibson BFG and am waiting on delivery!


Managed to get a good price, well what i wanted to pay, £600 all inclusive with insured delivery, as new condition (As new as a beat up guitar is suppose to look lol)


Will post pics when it arrives.

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I went everywhere to find one as i cant afford a LP std not even 2nd hand and the gary moore BFG looked awesome but was still high priced so spend ages looking for one. Havent played one but have read hundreds of reviews and asked lots of questions and watched lots of vids so fingers crossed. I love the versatility the guitar offers and the unfished look isnt a prob for me as i love the relic look also.

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Will take pictures later' date=' have just got out of hospital as got blown up by a high pressure line!![/quote']


Oh dear, that's somewhat unfortunate and especially so when you're expecting to receive a new guitar.


Hope you are still in tact and enjoying your new purchase!

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High pressure line that pumps chalk slurry. Was repairing the drain valve and it had been drained but there must of been a blockage. Dont remember anything that happened but my team mate said i walked past it and it blew 1600psi into the side of my face and blew me on to some metal stairs hence the sore side and i hit my head on a kickplate and split it open causing 16 staples in my head. Feeling kinda rough now as all my face is bruised to hell.


Anyhow got the mises to pick up my guitar from work as it was there so now its home and i can play her. Will do pics later

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  • 2 weeks later...

Heres the pics now sorry they took so long.















All my guitars now and 99% of my gear my wah pedal is at my mates!!



Before selling the epi and buying the gibson. Some will prefer this shot so threw it in for free!!!


Also check out twangs inlay he sent me for free on the acoustic headstock!!

Sorry there big but i always forget to turn down the megapixels everytime lol

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Well, I hate to say it, but I think that thing looks frikin' AWESOME! And it's nice that Gibson has something for people who actually want to play guitar.


Are you satisfied with the sound and feel? Please say "no", or I may start GASing...

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Well i thought it was ok to begin with then found out it was my amp causing the ok-ish sound. I unplugged my fx loop and the guitar sounded absoloutly amazing! I thought the bridge pickup was to high output and sounding thin and fizzy but as soon as the fx loop wasnt used the amp got a lot warmer and more full sounding. this guitar has a richer sound than my epi and more crunchy sound, i think the epi was more muddy sounding in general and it lacked clarity. The epi was a nice quitar but the sound from this definetly alot more better imo and more versatile.


The build quality is great, yeah its unfinished but thats what your buying. The top feel wavey but smooth and the hardwear is worn a bit. My fretboard is also very nice condition and the neck isnt as thick as they say. I love the satin type finish feels nicer to play and i find i slide better on it. Having no fret markers really dont affect the playing either which i though it would. The p90 in the neck is really good and has such a warm tone when clean and also really creamy when distorted, ive got a lovely gary moore sound from it (parisene walkways) and also it can deal with guns and roses solo stuff too like when slash used the neck pickup.

Weighs quite a bit less than my epi did but that doesnt matter to me really. Mine has a nice finish overall and isnt to badly worn in certain parts like some others ive seen.

The kill switch works fine as a kill switch but can hum a bit when switched to off unless you touch something metal on the guitar. Think its the way they've wired it, not sure if its shielded properly.

I wont modify its looks at all but maybe change the bridge pickup in the future for a SD alnico 2 as i love them pickups on any review i see. Nothing wrong with the one i have just i think this guitar would be perfect then.

The case is also a very good fit as i suppose they all are , never had one before so i thoght id mention it.



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I'm curious' date=' is the top of a BFG rough feeling or just rough looking? Boy I'd be tempted to take a belt sander to one of these if I ever got one.





It feel wavey. Not rough as in sharp if you know what i mean. smooth but lumpy. ive seen people rub them down on other sites and i dont like it myself. I thought of putting in small inlays but dont need them really just thought i would need them

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