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Bob Marley Les Paul

Tim Plains

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I've read two things about Bob Marley's actual Les Paul:


1. It's on display at a museum in Kingston, Jamaica. This link.

2. He was buried with it. Wikipedia.


Any idea as to which is true?

Surely, they didn't go into his grave and take the guitar?


On a side note, I would love...no LOVE...one of those Marley reissues.

The only guitar I would buy for collective purposes.

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I find funny that this thread was about the GIBSON Bob Marley model and all you guys do is bring up the Epi version. Yes it is a lame piece but get over it already.

Anyhow, Tim the shop in San Francisco where I buy all my Gibbys had one for a while and it even had a special wall hanger/display thingy. I will drop by there next week and see if it is still there, but I think it has been sold. I haven't noticed it in a while, but wasn't looking for it if you know what I mean. It looked like a cool axe, but was out of my price range and wasn't looking for a guitar w/P90s at the time. If its there I'll let you know VIA PM if only to satisfy yer curiosity.

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I love Bob...I dare anyone to put on "Exodus" and not be compelled to jump up!

Sorry, doesn't move me...




I've been on 4 cruises, the music was maddening!


I'm sure I'm the only one.

Every other old, fat, drunk white person on the ship was loving it. I have pics.


Me? I was just drunk & white.

Okay, late thirties. And I coulda lost a little weight before putting on the swimsuit.




The Reggae band on two of the cruises didn't know any Led Zep or AC/DC - I asked....




Later somebody told me they were playing AC/DC in one of the disco's, You Shook Me All Night Long.

Yeah, an AC/DC dance song, but the ladies love it.


Wanna impress me? Play You Shook Me by Led Zep......

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